Each year that goes by, it seems time goes more quickly.  I cherish our summer breaks because I get to spend so much time with my boys, who are really so much fun to hang out with. I know it’s winding down, but I am not ready to think about that completely. Even though there are reminders everywhere that September is almost here, I am not ready to go there yet.

School letters with school supply lists are arriving, fall sports schedules are invading our calendar, and obligations that our family has makes the time go even more quickly and it can feel overwhelming to think that summer is really almost over even though it feels like it barely began and there are so many tasks to accomplish.

I normally adore fall and look forward to it so much.  But somehow this year feels different.  I want time to slow down. Maybe it’s because it’s my last summer before my oldest starts high school and I know things will be different from now on. I happened to go to the store this week and saw fall decorations everywhere.  I even saw some Halloween candy displayed!  Even though those things normally excite me, I found myself a bit annoyed as I felt like I was being rushed through the time that I have left this summer.

Teleflora Summer

Isn’t it funny that I would come home after feeling that way and find this bright summer floral arrangement at my door? I was sent this lovely floral gift, the Garden Rhapsody Centerpiece, from Teleflora. How gorgeous is it?!  I have it in my dining room which brightens the entire room and is a reminder to everyone that summer is still here and we’ve got to make the most of it while it is.  I love walking into this area of my home, as it is so bright and cheerful.

I can always count on beautiful arrangements from Teleflora and this one came at the perfect time to make me remember to stop and smell the roses.  Those items on my to-do list will get accomplished and the seasons will turn eventually, but I need to take advantage of the free time I have with my boys while I can.  So, I am putting other things on hold and doing just that!  So, thank you, Teleflora, for the gorgeous reminder!


*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.