These last few months living in New Jersey have been…..interesting.  What used to be mundane activity has turned into an all out combat sport.  Yeah, I’m talking about grocery shopping.  I didn’t mind it too much before, but now, I am not a fan!

You see, going to the store, standing in line to get in, walking in one way aisles, faces covered, frantic shoppers, and dismal selections have left me feeling frustrated and annoyed.  I can’t tell you how often I have made out my grocery list to find that most of the items on it can’t be found.  Especially meats and produce.  It is so frustrating for me.  You see grocery shopping for me has never been a hoarding experience, it’s always been a weekly trip to stock up for meals for a family of six. One might tell me I should try online shopping for local grocery stores…yeah, I tried that, too, only to find that the bulk of my order was unavailable. Panic has set in over the last few months in this state and it has been outright miserable.

Grocery shopping has become the most dreaded of chores, maddening, even surpassing the non-stop cooking each day–it’s been bad!  That is until I was introduced* to an amazing company called Farmbox Direct.  I received the most lovely shipment from them to check out and it seriously brightened my week.


Organic and clean, these fruits and vegetables came to my doorstep ready to be consumed by themselves or in an array of delicious recipe suggestions found on their website.  I didn’t have to fight my way through a grocery store only to find that beauties like these weren’t even there.  The ease of ordering online is worth this box’s weight in gold!  My family loved the fruits and veggies so much and I loved how much time and energy it saved.  I loved regaining my sanity!


To have Farmbox Direct shipments sent to you, each week a new email is sent out detailing the offerings of the week that are being harvested.  You can go to your account and customize your box, adding additional Artisan and grocery items offered from the company to your order, if you would like.  Going away on vacation or want to skip a week?  Not a problem, you can easily manage that online, as well!  There is no commitment ever and there is no membership fee.  You should definitely check out this amazing company and enjoy their delicious, high quality products and the convenience they provide–you will love it!

I can’t rave about Farmbox Direct enough–go to their site and explore to see what I am talking about.  You will thoroughly enjoy your shipments!


*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own