Family Movie Night!

What a year this has been! It’s so strange to know that everyone is in the same situation, all over the world. There are been pros and cons to the world shutting down, for sure, but one thing that has come out of quarantines is the opportunity to slow down, re-evaluate how our time is spent, and really appreciate the people we love. I have been extremely blessed to be able to spend the majority of this past year with my immediate family and we’ve been able to spend a lot of quality time together. I love that so much. Deep discussions, lots of meals, and making the most of a slower pace of life has been great.

One thing we have come to love is having regular weekly movie nights. Since going to the movie theater isn’t really an option, it’s been so much fun to do it in the comfort of our own home. The way we’ve been able to make it happen has made it so that I’m not so sure I feel the need to go to the movies anymore, even once it opens up. I mean, I can’t wear my pajamas and snuggle up in a blanket at the movie theater.

Here are some of our favorite things that we recommend to you to create your own home movie theater space (besides the obvious electronics needed).

First of all, I love this one of a kind sign that sets the tone for the space where we watch our movies together. This beautifully handcrafted sign from Etsy shop CopperKerfSigns was made just for us and I love having it on display. John, the talent behind the storefront, was absolutely wonderful to work with. He can create the perfect sign for your home, too, personalized with your family’s name and created in the size that best suits your needs. Imagine what a great gift this would make for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just to add the perfect decoration to your family’s home theater area. These signs come ready to hang and are really stunning to see in person. You can see the care and detail that was put into this lovely sign. I love ours and know your will love having your own, as well.

Some would say they wouldn’t want to stop going to the movie theater for the popcorn alone. I know what you mean, there’s nothing quite like movie theater popcorn…..or is there? Yup, there is and I have the perfect, surprisingly affordable, machine that you need to get for your home theater. This Nostalgia Vintage Professional Popcorn and Concession Cart is the greatest home appliance EVER! Purely aesthetically, this machine is so cool looking. Do you notice it even matches my home theater sign? The gold and black smoothly fit into existing decor and doesn’t take up a ton of space. It can be ready to go whenever you are to make the most incredible buttery popcorn, hot and fresh for sitting down for a family movie. But, I’ll be honest, we get a lot more use out of it than even just a weekly movie night. When friends come over, basketball games are on, it really doesn’t matter what the occasion, because it’s always great to have an excuse to make a quick batch. You can make it with kernels and popcorn oil or buy prepacked kits, which I have found makes the perfect amount with amazing flavor in no time. This machine takes any hard work out of making movie quality popcorn and what’s especially great about it is that clean up is very simple. Any components that need to be washed detach and can be put back very easily. That’s a huge plus for me!

Now that you have this hot delicious popcorn ready to go, you’re going to need something to put it in! We could pick cups or ordinary bowls, but since we are all about making things special in a time where there has been a lot of disappointment and uncertainty, I am really excited to share with you this super fun shop I found on Etsy that makes the perfect movie night kits just for you. BlueFoxGiftBox has the greatest gifts! Each kit is overflowing with sweet movie theater-style treat boxes, cookies, and popcorn and –the best part– four personalized popcorn bowls. The grey bowls are the perfect weight and easy to wash and are customized for your family. You can select a font and color to put names on the bowl. Although it comes with four, you can also order extra ones, if needed. I absolutely adore how these turned out. Each member of my family picked out how they wanted their bowls customized and they were very happy with the results! You will want to pick up some for your own family, but you will love them so much, you may want to give a gift box to friends and loved ones, too! That’s ok, because now you have great ideas for upcoming birthdays and holidays! See? I just helped you figure out what to get those hard to buy for people for Christmas and it’s only March! You’re welcome 🙂 You can order them now to get ahead of the game or check out her shop for special date night ideas, ice cream kits, and more. I highly recommend checking out her store!

Besides the popcorn and treats, the only thing I really need is a nice cold drink. I have a bit of an addiction, I’m not afraid to tell you, to Coke Zero. It’s simply the best. I wouldn’t want to watch a movie without a nice icy Coke Zero. Our movie room is downstairs and when we moved into our house, there was a wine cooler in the bar area. We don’t drink wine and it didn’t fit our needs, but I found this Coca-Cola 3.2 cubic foot refridgerator to replace it. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this small fridge! It is perfect for having in a rec room. You can keep a huge amount of drinks inside (or food, of course!) and it even has a small freezer section to keep your ice in or other goodies. On the outside of the fridge is even a convenient bottle opener. Whether to keep drinks for your movies in or to have it loaded with snacks for your kids and their friends, this fridge is perfect for entertaining guests. I’m not really sure how I went so long without something like this. It gets a ton of use in our home!

Now that the mood is set, the snacks are ready to go, all we have to do is get settled on the couch. I love having a super cozy blanket to wrap around me to watch movies. I am not alone in this, as everyone in the family feels the same way, too. I recently found these beautiful Yak’s wool blankets on Etsy store HimalyanArt. These super soft throws are the perfect weight and texture for keeping on your couch for a movie night or to curl up and read a good book. You could even take them with you to travel, when you find yourself able to do so again. Not only are they functional, but they are really gorgeous blankets. Normally, I find wool to be quite itchy, but this material is luxuriously soft and deceptively warm. I love that these blankets are unique and handwoven by artisans in Nepal. Be sure to check out this wonderful shop to find these must-have blankets and a wealth of other great gifts!

So you are all set, ready to go for your own family movie night in the comfort of your own home! All you need to do is pick the perfect movie! Have fun!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*