Nightmare on 13th

Now that it’s October, we are in full swing to discover the greatest haunted attractions in Utah. Last night, we were invited* to experience all that Nightmare on 13th had to offer. We loaded in the car and arrived at our destination, eager with anticipation of what ghoulish delights were in store for us.

The skies were dark and threatening to storm, adding an eerie energy to the night. It was the perfect setting. At first glance, Nightmare on 13th is quite an imposing structure. As you approach the entrance, you are sinisterly greeted with all sorts of fiendish characters. There are great photo opportunities here, all of which are quite impressive Halloween scenes. We knew we were in for something special after walking through this area–it was only the entrance, after all.

You can choose a variety of ticket options for your Halloween festivities at Nightmare on 13th. I recommend the VIP Fastpass Ticket, especially if you are not one that loves to wait in line. Included in the VIP Fastpass Ticket is a very special addition X-Scream. You can’t buy these tickets separately, they are only included with the VIP tickets. I highly recommend this!

We found ourselves at the entrance to the main portion of the haunt and I could tell we were in for something really fun.

I’ve been to so many haunted houses. I’ve mentioned before it can be hard to impress me. While so many haunted houses are pretty similar, they tend to blend together, with only a few standing out to me. Nightmare on 13th is one of the few that stands out!

We went through the attraction with people who had a variety of experiences with haunted houses–some had a ton of experience like myself and some hadn’t been to a haunted house before, I can assure you both levels were fully enthralled with the experience! This haunted house is a no contact version, which I will be honest, doesn’t normally excite me too much. But, I know a lot of people way prefer that. Once we had embarked into the haunt, the fact that no one could touch you actually didn’t bother me at all, which surprised me. It wasn’t necessary to achieve the desired results, at all.

While I won’t go into too much detail on the attraction, because you need to really experience it for yourselves, I will say that in this extensive labyrinth, no detail was spared. I was absolutely blown away at the intricate elements, enormous props, spine-chilling sound effects, amazing optical illusions, and overall impressiveness of the entire venue. I felt as if I was walking through a movie–everything was so realistic. It was a totally immersive encounter, unlike so many others I have been to before. It was thrilling!

When we finished the incredible main portion, we very excited that we had the opportunity to go through X-Scream–we had so much fun in the first part, we didn’t want it to end! But how do you add a completely separate experience after you’ve already completed the main attraction and make it memorable? I won’t tell you. But, they succeeded in creating the ultimate sensory experience that will leave you completely exhilarated.

Nightmare on 13th has been making their patron’s blood run cold for 31 years now. I can see why it has been so successful. It is easy to see there is a lot of pride in the attraction and that they have kept ahead of the curve. I highly recommend a visit to this sensational haunt. I know I will be returning!

To learn more about Nightmare on 13th and to purchase tickets, visit them online.

*we were invited to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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