Summer Home Improvements: Refinishing Our Deck with Thompson’s WaterSeal

This winter did quite the number on our back deck.  When the snow finally cleared, we were left with wood that had the last deck stain chipped and flaking.  It was time to clean the deck and start fresh with a new coating of stain.


Thankfully, our friends at Thompson’s WaterSeal always has a great selection of products that gets the job done.  They sent me some Heavy Duty Deck Cleaner and their semi-transparent waterproofing stain in Sequoia Red to bring new life to our favorite summer space.


You would think staining the deck would be really difficult, but it wasn’t at all.  We dedicated a sunny morning and got all six of our family members ready to go to work.  Waiting for the sunny morning turned out to be the most difficult part of this process!  Clearing the deck of all the furniture, we were ready to start the first part–cleaning and stripping the old stain.  This great product really did all the work for us.  We simply poured the solution straight onto the deck, scrubbing it in evenly throughout the surface of the wood.  Letting it sit for about 15 minutes, we then power washed it off.  This left us with a very clean surface that, once dry, would be perfect conditions for staining again. It was so easy to use!

The sun was shining strong that day, so our deck dried in no time.  We then were able to start painting the deck with the stain.  The stain was a little deceptive.  It looked very thin and watery, so we weren’t sure if it was going to give the coverage that we hoped for. We quickly came to find out, though, that the stain was perfect for what we were trying to achieve.  It dried in a very rich tone and did so extremely fast.  We were able to add another coat and before we knew it, we had a practically brand new deck before our eyes!  All of this done with just a few hours of work!




We knew we were racing the clock that day, as we had serious rainstorms in the forecast.  It dried completely long before any rain appeared, but what we saw after the rain absolutely assured us that this product was going to work and work well!  Just look at the water repelling on the deck after the rain came!


Look at the great features of Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain!

  • This is the most complete exterior stain line that they have ever offered.
  • Along with powerful waterproofing protection from the industry leader and rich, beautiful color all in one coat, the new stain delivers homeowner-friendly features like:
  • Increased durability for a better looking deck, longer. Elastomeric polymers help the dry stain expand and contract with the wood during temperature fluctuations, reducing cracking and peeling. Advanced acrylic polymers greatly improve resistance to scuffing and marring. Waterproofing protection exceeds industry standards, while the coating resists mildew and UV damage.
  • On horizontal surfaces like decks, the Transparent Stain is guaranteed for three years, the Semi-Transparent Stain is guaranteed for four years and the Solid Stain is guaranteed for five years.
  • Time-savings that start in the store! Pigment suspension technology keeps the color evenly dispersed in the container; there’s no need to put the can on the paint shaker and no waiting at the paint counter. The customer can just “grab and go.”
  • Back at home, the formula can be applied to damp wood so the project can begin soon after cleaning and be finished faster (most deck stains require a 48-hour wait between cleaning and staining the wood.)
  • Latex-based formulas provide soap and water clean-up.

I am thrilled with the results of using Thompson’s WaterSeal products on my deck and highly recommend them to you! I am impressed with the way it works so well and I have to say, it feels really smooth and nice on bare feet when walking out to the pool.  I am so happy we refinished the deck and know that we will enjoy the results for some time to come.  You can pick up the stain I used exclusively at Home Depot.


*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.



  1. Your deck came out amazing. I guess we will be doing this to ours this summer. Thanks for sharing, it’s good to actually see some results from someone.

  2. Though we don’t have a deck here to prevent it from getting wet when it rains I think this waterseal will also works on wooden furniture to protect them from getting damage overtime by liquid substances poured accidentally.

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