For family night the other night, we planned on sitting down to watch The ‘Burbs. Do you remember that old 1980’s movie with Tom Hanks? My kids had never seen it and we happened to find a copy at my favorite book/CD store in New York City, since we really couldn’t find it anywhere else. Before we could gather together, I wanted to make a quick dessert for us.

This was super easy thanks to the an awesome product from Lekue. Lekue is one of my favorite brands of really useful kitchen wares. These silicone based products are incredible! I was excited to get to try out* their mini brownie mold.  This is also a silicone mold that has 24 squares perfect for miniature brownies.  I may be alone on this, but I have a terrible time making real brownies and having them come out perfectly cooked through.  There is always a section that is practically raw inside and I hate it when that happens.  My thought was if the brownies were smaller, perhaps they would cook all the way through, evenly.

Lekue Brownie Mold

I made some brownies using the recipe that comes with the mold and they turned out wonderfully!  Totally cooked through (yay!) and when they had cooled, they easily popped out of the mold because it is so flexible to manipulate.  My kids helped decorate the brownies with frosting and fresh raspberries and they were divine!  The perfect portion size for everyone, bite-sized goodness!

Bit Sized Brownies Using the Lekue Mini Brownie Mold

I loved how easy it was for my kids to help out and seriously, the whole process of making them was really fun.  We will be experimenting with different toppings the next time we make them.

You can order your own mini brownie mold from Lekue online, as well as one of the many other wonderful products they have to simplify your life.  I love their sandwich buddies for school lunches and their omelette cooker for super quick breakfasts during the school year, too!

*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.