Working Out With Lucy

School is back in session and I am not constantly entertaining everyone during the daylight hours. I have found the motivation and time to make sure I get a good amount of exercise back into my day. I have lots of fitness and weight goals and I am excited to see them to fruition!

When you work out at home, it doesn’t really matter what you wear and I have been guilty of wearing really ugly clothing to exercise. Usually, it’s whatever t-shirt and shorts I have lying around. But, when I have to leave the house to exercise, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in those clothes! They aren’t really flattering and not always conducive to exercise.

I’ve also tried some different brands of exercise clothes that I don’t care what the size tag says, were clearly not made for anyone above a size zero. That doesn’t make me feel good wearing those outfits. Isn’t the point of exercising to feel good? Shopping for exercise clothing can be a very frustrating thing for me and I truly hate it. I am a curvy girl and most brands don’t cater to that.

So when I heard of the brand Lucy, I honestly thought it would be like the rest of the brands I had tried, but decided I would go ahead and try their clothes anyway. Maybe I would find a cute top or something from them?

Perfect pose capri legging and flexibility tank from
Perfect pose capri legging and flexibility tank from

I was sent an outfit from Lucy to check out*. When it arrived in the mail, I saw a great looking outfit, black pants and a tank top. They were both really cute, but I didn’t know if they would work for my body type.

I went ahead and tried them on. I was shocked by what I found. They fit….and they looked great on! I don’t wear form-fitting exercise clothing because I don’t think it looks good on everyone, certainly not me.  The Perfect Pose Capri Legging is what they sent me to try. These pants were so flattering! They went on smooth and they were so comfortable, I would consider letting go of all other pants in my wardrobe. It felt like a second skin, so easy to move in and they didn’t feel constricting at all. But, they really, truly, looked great on! It didn’t exacerbate all the imperfections that I have. I felt so confident wearing them!

Then there was the top. Lucy’s flexibility tank has a shelf bra built-in, making it very comfortable and supportive for exercise.  I need good support in an exercise bra, and the built-in bra did it’s job very well. It is moisture wicking, keeping you dry and cool.  I love the double strap feature, as it keeps everything in place, no slipping when moving around.  It comes in great colors and I absolutely love the bright blue I received.

I noticed that unlike other exercise clothing I had tried, there were no seams to rub my skin, which can be a big annoyance.  Lucy uses a no-chafe flat seam in the clothing I tried and I loved this feature!

I have really enjoyed wearing these clothes to exercise in.  They feel good to wear, which makes me want to get out there and exercise even more.  Win-win, right?  I would highly recommend Lucy clothing to everyone.  I know I will be doing quite a bit of shopping from them in the near future!  You can browse all the great selections they have by visiting their website.

*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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