Horse Sleigh Farm

Nestled in New Jersey farm country, not too far away from the Pennsylvanian border, lies a farm called Horse Sleigh Farm. By day this quaint farm stand and acreage welcomes families in to pick pumpkins and enjoy a hayride for the afternoon. By night, however, the story changes and one finds themselves surrounded by zombies and spooky creatures as they brave the haunted attractions at this country establishment.

Aerial view of the corn maze at Horse Sleigh Farm
Aerial view of the corn maze at Horse Sleigh Farm

Horse Sleigh Farm boasts an incredible corn maze, this year shaped as The Maze Runner.  Carefully carved out of corn stalks, this very detailed maze is a challenge to get through.  By day, you can enter and find checkpoints and activities to solve to help find your way out of the maze.  By night, the test becomes finding your way out of the 8 acre labyrinth by the light of the moonlight, all the while not knowing if the undead will find you in the maze!

My family and I were invited* to come check out the haunted attractions at Horse Sleigh Farm this past weekend and we were thrilled to do so.  Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so for the entire month leading up to it, we like to experience something Halloween related, and this was right up our alley.

Patrons can choose to bring a flashlight with them as they enter the maze, but it’s more fun if you leave your light behind.  Armed with a map, we tunneled our way through the corn stalks and never knew if we were being watched or followed.  Eery wind rustled the corn stalks and made you wonder if ghosts were in our midst.


We spent about an hour (it went by very quickly) navigating our way through the fields until we were able to find the farm stand lights.  We had a blast as a family doing this activity.  It was very fun and not too scary for the little ones, just the perfect combination of challenge and surprise.

Before we entered the maze, we enjoyed a haunted hayride that took us around the perimeter of the corn maze.  Here we were spooked (again nothing overly gruesome) and our kids loved it! The location of the farm adds just the perfect scare factor to the experience!

This was a terrific way to spend the evening as a family and many teenage groups and families were also there enjoying the fun.  When done with the attractions, you can stop by the farm market to pick up delicious snacks like fruit pies and the best whoopee pies my kids have ever had.  We picked up some staples like apple and pumpkin butter (delicious!) and the sweetest red raspberry jam I’ve ever tasted.

We will be making Horse Sleigh Farms a yearly tradition and will definitely be stopping back for their fall treats again in the future.  You can learn more about Horse Sleigh Farm by visiting their site.

*we were invited to visit Horse Sleigh Farm to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. We do a corn maze every year with the kids, but never at night. I would be scared of all the nocturnal animals around here at night.

  2. Wow! So much fun. We went through a corn maze a couple of years ago in the day time. I knew how to get out at all time, because I paid attention to where the sun was from the exit.

  3. I think i was near this today.. or something very similar.. i was right there near the PA border and there was signs for a stalk maze.. its too scary for me to go into..

  4. I would freak out at night, but I’d be good for it during the day. The ones “near” us are all at least 1 hour away, unfortunately.

  5. We can travel there, it kind of near. But based on my experience, I wouldn’t dare go in. I could spend the whole day just wandering and still wouldn’t find the end. LOL! There’s should be a bridge somewhere so they can tip us where to go. ROFL!

  6. My family loves corn mazes, but we’ve never done one a night. If only we lived close enough to do this one!

  7. Someone has too much time on their hands.. lol I couldn’t do those at night time, it’s just too creepy for many reasons, I’m not sure I could do it in day light, unless I had someone with me, in case I got lost, haha

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