Mrs. Prindable’s: The Best Way to Savor the Flavors of Fall

Naturally around Halloween, one wants to have some yummy treats. It’s part of a holiday tradition, after all, isn’t it? Who wants to waste the calories on treats that aren’t all that satisfying? Not me!

I was thrilled to be sent one of my very favorite autumn treats from the fantastic people at Mrs. Prindable’s to try out* that I am so excited to tell you about! What would my favorite treat be, you ask? Caramel apples, of course!

Mrs. Prindable's Pumpkin Gift Box

These delectable confections are the best kind of surprise you can get in the mail.  We received this festive pumpkin gift box and it was loaded with two different flavored caramel apples in a petite (aka perfect) size.  One was milk chocolate and walnut drizzled over caramel and a granny smith apple, the other was a triple chocolate (milk, dark, and white) striped caramel apple.  Wow!  So impressive and delicious! We were able to share these and everyone was so happy and content.

To add to the sumptuousness of the gift box, exotic individually wrapped caramels filled the container.  These aren’t your run of the mil caramels, but Tahitian vanilla, Cinnamon Apple, Hawaiian Red Sea Salt and Aleppo Chili Pepper flavored caramels.  Oh, they were divine!

These make great treats to send to loved ones anywhere in the country, a fun family treat to savor the flavors of fall, or a great hostess gift!  Either way you choose, you are sure to bring a huge smile and satisfied palate to whomever receives them!

I highly recommend ordering speciality foods from Mrs. Prindable’s–you will be extremely happy with your choice!  You can learn more about them and browse their selection on the website.


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