We’ve made a point of doing something spooky with the kids each weekend in October to build up to Halloween. It’s been a great time doing so!

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to attend Dorney Park’s Halloween Haunt. This super fun event is geared towards teenagers and adults and offers the opportunity to explore some haunted attractions at an amusement park setting. It is opened from 7pm to midnight, allowing plenty of time to explore the park. During the day, however, it is less scary and geared towards young children or those who don’t like to be scared but do enjoy the fun aspects of the holiday. We were able to enjoy a full day offering the best of both these worlds!

Dorney Park Haunt

During the day, there were virtually no lines, so we were able to ride every single ride we wanted without a wait. That is a great way to visit an amusement park!  By night, though, it is an entirely different story!

Open weekends throughout the month of October (and the first weekend of November this year), Haunt boasts seven different scary walk-through experiences to put you in the Halloween spirit. Due to the high volume of visitors at night, a definite plus was getting Fright Lane passes, which allowed us to cut to the front of the line for each haunted attraction. I would highly recommend this, as I don’t love waiting in line. My son loved being able to jump ahead for each exhibition. Inside the attractions were different themes. Psychotic clowns, spooky corn mazes, other worldy graveyards, and backwoodsy scenarios were just some of the spots we were able to visit.

They were all really well done! Our favorites were the haunted mansion hotel and the graveyard (Grave Walkers), although they were all very fun. Fog machines, special lighting, props, thematic music, and costumes created an incredible atmosphere throughout the entire park. In addition to the haunted features, regular roller coasters and rides were open for the enjoyment of all present. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the park and my boys can’t wait to come back to visit next fall!

You can purchase your own tickets for Dorney Park’s Haunt by visiting their website.

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