Celebrating Clearblue’s 30th Anniversary

This past week, I was invited* to a wonderful luncheon to celebrate Clearblue’s 30th Anniversary at an adorable French restaurant in New York called Claudette.  We were able to dine on a delicious lunch while we learned about the great strides being made for women’s health.


I have four children, so I am no stranger to Clearblue’s tests.  I remember anxiously taking each pregnancy test and seeing if the results would be life changing.  My last child was born 9 years ago, so I haven’t used the products in a while.  For that reason, I was shocked to see just how far they have come in that time.

Believe it or not, with the number of children I have, I did not have an easy time with getting pregnant.  Many miscarriages or difficulties conceiving occurred and those were very frustrating and difficult times to go through.  I would have loved to had Clearblue’s products that are available today at my disposal all those years ago!

Clearblue‘s 30th Anniversary is this year and it was fun and interesting to take a look back over the years to find out how women’s health has changed.  There were many misconceptions for women out there! It made me laugh to see these old wives’ tales when it came to conceiving a baby.

Old Wives' Tales

We were able to listen to Dr. Donnica Moore and Dr. Fiona Clancy discuss the evolution of fertility and the idea behind current Clearblue products.  They were a pleasure to listen to and converse with, a wealth of information, whether you were trying to conceive or not.  Did you know how pregnancies were determined in the 1920s and 1930s?  There were no home pregnancy tests, but mice, rabbits, and frogs would be injected with a woman’s urine to detect hCG activity.  Results could be received 100 hours later!  Today’s woman would have a fit if she had to wait that long for results!  Clearblue knows that and they have developed the Advanced Digital Pregnancy Test.  Not only will it tell you if you are pregnant, it can also tell you about how far along you are based on your last ovulation.  That is incredible to see the progress made in less than a century!


Clearblue has really studied what women want and how times have changed.  They listen to the requests women have in their family planning and the changes society has undergone over the last several decades.  Many women are waiting to have their children later in life and many are having difficult times conceiving. So Clearblue has made many products available to identify ovulation days, optimal for family planning.

My favorite new product from them, though, is the Clearblue fertility monitor with touch screen.  This device is everything you will ever need to figure out when and how to conceive.  It is an advanced mini computer that allows you to perform home urine tests to determine your six best fertile days of the month.  Battery operated, this monitor will hold up to six months of information about your cycles, fertility days, and more.  You can easily bring this monitor to discuss concerns with your doctor with all the information they need right at their fingertips.  This monitor will last through all your pregnancies, too, which is an added bonus.  I really wish I had this when I was trying to conceive, as it would have been so helpful and taken a lot of stress away! This monitor is available online only. You can find all other Clearblue products at major retailers everywhere to help you with your family planning.



Clearblue products



* I was invited to attend this event to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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