Exploring the Samsung Family Hub


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the very hip venue Samsung 837  in New York City for a special unveiling of the latest (and greatest) in appliance technology from Samsung.


Why do I want you to know about new appliances from Samsung?  Because they are absolutely incredible!  Built with the family in mind, Samsung has redesigned the focal point of the kitchen–the refrigerator.  Today’s family spends a lot of time in the hub of the house, the kitchen.  Coming and going, the kitchen is a major focal point.  Families have to eat and Samsung has created some awesome ways to simplify our lives.


Check out this new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.  This four quadrant refrigerator boasts a large video screen, much like a tablet, on the outside of one of the upper doors.  This is so much more than a tablet!  This is a complete control center!



Did you know that the average fridge is opened more than 40 times a day?  Samsung does and to hear the cries of mother’s everywhere telling their kids to close the fridge, they have built in cameras inside the door.  What’s the purpose of that?  Click the camera tab on the door and you can see inside the entire fridge!  Not only that, but you can program in when items will expire, and the screen will tell you when you need to replace the food!  And if that isn’t cool enough, imagine going to the store and wondering if you have milk or eggs at home, because you honestly can’t remember.  You’ve got so much on your mind, you can’t always remember!  So you don’t buy it,only to find out that, indeed, you were out of milk.  Forget that–those days are long gone now.  Simply use the free app on your phone and you will be able to see the camera view on your phone and know exactly what you need to get while you are still at the store!  Brilliant!  Each and every time the door closes, a new, refreshed picture is taken, so it is always up to date!


Imagine if you are at home, getting ready to cook dinner.  Click on the recipes section on the FamilyHub and you can find any recipe you need.  Find out that you are out of some groceries?  No problem, click on the link to order groceries from your local retailer right from the screen!  Start thinking about where everyone needs to be that week?  Click another button to bring up your family calendar (which holds up to 6 members) so you can see where every one needs to be.  Need to write a note to your son?  You can do that, too, with the writing feature.  You can also post your favorite photos to display, too!  Everything all at your finger tips, easily displayed, without the clutter of magnets and papers covering the front of the fridge.  I almost forgot, there is streaming tv.  Watching a show in the living room, but have to go to the kitchen?  You won’t miss a thing, because it can be streaming in the kitchen!  My favorite?  Built in speakers and bluetooth so I can listen to Pandora while in the kitchen!  I LOVE IT!



One other cool thing about the fridge?  There are four quadrants, with one of the lower freezer sections having the ability to switch to a refrigeration setting.  Need to store a frozen turkey?  It will fit.  Now you need to defrost the said turkey?  No worries, switch the mode and it will raise the temperature without having to move it.  Safely defrosted as needed.

Samsung definitely had busy families in mind with this product and you can find it at major retailers now.  I want one!


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