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*products received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

simplehuman semiround can.jpgI love SimpleHuman products.  I have them all over my house because I know they can handle the wear and tear of a large family or high traffic areas. They are high quality and warranted for 10 years.  Our kitchen is a very busy location and it’s important to have a great quality trash can to keep garbage contained and secure.  I love the semi-round step can that allows that to happen.  It’s a great design that looks aesthetically pleasing out in open areas and it keeps odors and trash from being exposed.  I especially love that if my hands are full, I can easily step on the pedal at the bottom of the canister and it will open automatically.  I highly recommend getting one of their many great designs for your own home.



fractureI love art for the home and when you get the opportunity to personalize it, it’s even better.  I love Fracture for that reason.  You can create one of a kind art using your own photographs and turning it into a beautiful centerpiece or accent in your home.  There are lots of companies that can do that, also, but put your photographs on canvas.  However, Fracture Me is able to print your photo directly on glass.  That leaves you with a sophisticated and modern piece of art, with low profiles, ready to hang without needing a frame. I love taking cherished family photos and having Fracture Me putting them on glass to display. In addition to your own photographs, you can also create art work using beautiful artist’s talented photographs already on the site in the art store.  You will love the finished product that arrives quickly and safely packaged.  It is gorgeous!

balsamI love to light candles in my home, so naturally, I love burning holiday scents.  Yankee Candle always has great aromas that have a strong throw, which I definitely prefer.  This year, I am excited about four new scents that have arrived in stores and online: Aromatic Orange and Evergreen, Cascading Snowberry, Balsam and Clove, and Spicy Pepperberry and Spruce.  I can’t even pick a favorite scent, so it’s good I have multiple rooms to burn them in.  These would make great gifts for friends and neighbors, and a special holiday treat for yourself!

pie dish


One of my favorite gifts to give are pie dishes from Emile Henry.  Anyone who has an oven in their home would appreciate the fine craftsmanship of their ceramic products.  Their pie dishes are not only beautiful to look at, but bake an amazing pie!  We’ve baked several over the fall and all have cooked evenly and looked so good to eat that we didn’t even get a chance to take a picture to show you first.  They are available in multiple colors, all of which are really pretty.  These dishes make a perfect gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.  If pie isn’t enough for you, you definitely need to check out their baguette baker.  While I am not a beginner at baking, I am not an expert by any means.  I am frequently learning new skills and have found that baking yeast bread is a bit of a challenge for me.  However, following the process and using the baguette baker, I’ve actually been able to make really delicious French baguettes for dinner for my family fairly easily.  It’s built my confidence in baking and certainly has been fun to learn how to do.  This would also make a great gift for any family.

baguette.jpgbe merry napkins

I love these handmade Christmas napkins for special occasions from Etsy shop PorterLaneHome.  Each linen napkin is 19″ x 19″ and hemmed on all sides.  Imagine setting your dinner table with some festive and unique pieces like these.  Just the special touch needed!  You can find these “be merry” napkins, as well as a large assortment of others, online at this amazing shop!


You can kick back and relax with Brentwood Home’s products, like their Zuma wedge pillow.  This is perfect for reading a book or watching tv–on the floor or on your bed.  Or just to use it to sleep!  It’s like the magic product you never knew you needed–it alleviates pressure off your shoulders and back, reduces acid reflux, snoring, and eases respiratory issues.  Looks like this is the perfect gift for anyone on your list –all of that for a very reasonable cost.