Don't Forget Gift Funny Christmas Card

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.


buff purple.jpg Looks like we could be in for a brutal winter in the Northeast this year.  Not at all what I like to hear, but knowing that it is going to be cold and dreary, it helps to know that you have great items to help keep you warm and cozy.  I am loving these BUFF hats and think they are a must-have for everyone this holiday season.  Styles are available for men, women, kids, outdoor enthusiasts, or just those that don’t want to be cold.  So many styles are available for every taste.  I love this Darla hat made of acrylic and wool in a warm purple with a faux fur pom-pom at the end.  Looks great on and feels even better with its warm fleece lining.


chugi  body glove hexa

She will love active wear from Body Glove, like this Chugi top and Hexa leggings.  Soft, comfortable, movable clothing from Body Glove goes with you everywhere.  I love the fitted top, with moisture-wicking material.  Every stitch of the top looks fantastic.  I really love the leggings with their flared bottoms made of Nyloflex material, giving lots of flexibility and support.  This clothing universally takes you from the gym, outdoor adventures, to running errands.


rose gold museI love to travel and pack minimally whenever possible.  I try to stream line the packing process, but I do tend to have a lot of personal items, especially cosmetics that I take with me.  I absolutely love this Victorinox  Muse water resistant cosmetic case in rose gold (it matches my luggage!) because I can pack a ton of beauty products and toiletries and they all fit in perfectly.  It is so spacious, as it has four separate compartments that zip up, this neat little package keeps every item in it’s place.  No need to worry about leaks or messy things happening in your luggage.  I love Victorinox products, as they are very high quality.  This is a great addition to every woman’s luggage!



One of the coolest gifts is finding out what you’re made of.  What exactly do I mean?  Finding out, through your DNA, where you are from and what you are literally made of.  Check out LivingDNA for an accurate accounting of your bloodline and find out where you (and your ancestors) hail from.  You’ll likely  be surprised at the results and love knowing your heritage.


Spread the love around this holiday season with gifts from the Love Is Project.  The purpose behind the project is to spread laughter, joy and kindness through the truthful stories of love from around the world.  So what does love mean to you?  You can share your stories at their website and through social media.  Check out their website to learn more.  In the meantime, you can wear your heart on your sleeve…or wrist, actually, with these hip and handmade leather and glass bead bracelets made in Kenya and Indonesia.

love is project


pugg.jpgI love Tea Forte’s PUGG teapots .  This quaint teapot has a cheery Cherry Blossom print.  Use Tea Forte’s many selections of teas in the included infuser to steep your tea, enough for two people.  This ceramic pot is easy to clean and it will be enjoyed for years to come.  I absolutely can’t get enough of their herbal teas to pair with the teapot!  Fragrant and delicious, any tea lover will be in heaven with these gifted to them.  The Herbal Tea Assortment Presentation Box is amazing!  Loaded with African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Ginger Lemongrass, Harvest Apple Spice and Wild Berry Hibiscus, these triangular, handcrafted silken tea infusers are really elegant looking, making the entire experience of making a cup of tea a luxurious one!

british coloring book.jpg

I love to decompress by coloring.  It’s a great way to unwind after a particularly stressful day, get away from technology and noise, and have an opportunity to think, or even better, talk with my kids and have them do it with me.  Since I love London, naturally, I love coloring anything to do with my favorite city. I really dig these coloring books from Laurence King Publishing, like the Great British Coloring Map or Pierre the Maze Detective and the Great Coloring Adventure.  Coloring them just helps me melt the stress away.  And honestly, what’s a better gift than that?

victorinox luggage scale

For the girl on the go, pick up Victorinox’s travel scale.  This digital scale makes it simple to know just how much your luggage weighs before heading out for an adventure. No more guessing if you make the airline restrictions! Easy to pack and lightweight, as well, it makes it a great travel accessory.