Have an 80’s Halloween

Ok, you know I love the 80s.  I’m dying here because I found out this week that Care Bears are 35 years old!  What?!  I guess that makes sense when I stop to think about it, but wow, I’m getting old!  I loved Care Bears when I was a very little girl and collected them like crazy.  I had so many mini figures, my plastic lunchbox and thermos had the Care Bears all over them when I was in elementary school.  Tenderheart Bear, Rainbow Heart Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Funshine Bear…..I loved them all.  Ahh…..great memories!

Well, knowing that I love the 80’s, the Care Bears, and, of course, Halloween, how can you not love the opportunity to combine them all at once?

care bears.png

That’s what Fun.com and American Greetings Entertainment thought, too, when they partnered together to create a line of Care Bear costumes for both adults and children.  These cute and furry costumes are the perfect solution for Halloween–easy to slip on, and pretty comfortable, too!  I just wish they had had these when I was a little girl, oh, the fun I would have had!

You can pick out your own Care Bear costume online at Fun.com. The hardest part will be picking your favorite Care Bear!  Which one would you choose?


*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.


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