Return to Fear Factory

Fear Factory was the first haunted attraction I was able to visit in Utah. We visited last year in the depths of COVID, so there were some safety restrictions in place, but we had an amazing time. This year, as things have returned a bit more to normal, I was super excited to get to go back and experience it and see how it was different.

I am coming from the East Coast where I have experienced some incredible haunted attractions that can be hard to compare to and sometimes even harder to impress me with. But, did you know this bonafide haunted warehouse was actually named the 3rd scariest attraction in the world?

Upon arrival, I was impressed with the looming dark factory that stood before us. The eery silhouettes of the cluster of buildings set the perfect backdrop for what was going to be a spine-tingling evening. Scary figures loomed throughout the property vying for their chance to spook you as you awaited your turn to enter. Already, it was off to a great start.

We got situated and made our way through the entrance and we were transported to a dark, sinister realm where anything could happen to scare you out of your mind. At one point, we even found ourselves walking between buildings, high above the ground, looking down on the concrete far below us. That is an unnerving sight to see while you are trying to escape a terrifying maze! I loved it! We weaved through 6 buildings and passed through amazing sets, unlike those I have ever seen before. Considering this girl goes to multiple haunted houses each year, that is really saying something! The special effects were really incredible. The ambiance is amazing. Each room we entered was better than the next and I was so impressed.

I loved our visit last year, but I enjoyed even more that the Fear Factory didn’t keep it all the same as last year. They annually change it up, add new scenes and sets and that made going again very interesting. I like being surprised and my experience between this year and last year were completely different, but equally exciting. I also really loved that you could once again choose if you wanted to be approached and touched by the actors in the attraction by wearing a glow necklace. I’m always in for some extra fun scares, so this added to our experience. Last year, with COVID, this wasn’t an available option, so I was happy to see it had returned.

We happened to make our visit with someone who worked in the original cement factory long before it became Utah’s go-to Halloween destination. He was amazed at the transformation. Legend has it that there were some terrible things that took place at the factory and that it is now indeed haunted. That might explain the extra unearthly feel to the grounds.

Aside from Eastern State Penitentiary, which is a building that belongs to a category in and of itself, this was the coolest set for a haunted house I have ever been to.

After spending the last month visiting multiple Halloween attractions throughout Utah, I can confidently tell you that Fear Factory ranks up right at the top of my list of favorites you definitely want to put on your list of places to help you get in the Halloween spirit. It is an absolute blast and is so well done. Lucky for you, there is still plenty of time to go and visit Fear Factory this season, with dates and times extending to November 6th. We can’t wait to go back!

Fear Factory is happening now in downtown Salt Lake City. Grab your family or a group of friends and go see how incredible this attraction is! We highly recommend it! You can learn more about Fear Factory and plan your visit on their website.

*we were invited to visit, all opinions are our own.

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