Gifts for Women

I love staying both stylish and cozy this time of year, don’t you? While I normally look to Vineyard Vines for their iconic summer apparel that gives nautical East Coast vibes, you can’t deny their winter wear is absolutely lovely. This Alpine Fair Isle Mock Sweater is the perfect wardrobe piece to take you through the holidays. Wear it for holiday photos, shopping excursions, Christmas errands, festive gatherings, or sitting by a nice warm fire. It’s so versatile and comfortable, you’ll want to find any excuse to don it!

Vineyard Vines

Personalized gifts are always a great thing. Check out these incredible customized El Camino Bracelets, perfect for the one that loves to travel and see the world. You can create one of these unique handmade bracelets, just as you like it, from the cord to each favorite “step” or bead, made of glass, hand polished surgical grade stainless steel, or sustainably sourced woods and coconut. Adventures, regions, oceans, and countries can all be represented by the beautiful beads you can add to your bracelet. Each piece is completely one of a kind and serves as a constant reminder of incredible memories. You can even customize your own step to commemorate something personal and cherised. The great thing about these bracelets is that as your adventures continue, you can continue to add to your collection. It makes a wonderful ongoing gift. I absolutely adore mine and get compliments on it everywhere!

El Camino Bracelets

I love a great pair of shoes. Shoes are probably my favorite part of an outfit. I love shoes that are a little different and stand out from the rest. However, I have some issues with my feet that make it so the shoes have to be comfortable or else, I just can’t wear them. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. My fellow moms out there know that if you have to stand on your feet all day, it’s of utmost importance that the shoes offer some serious support and cushion. We want the support of a sneaker, but the look of a very cute shoe. The Sneaker from Rothy’s is exactly that! Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, these shoes can be work with or without socks, year round. They are adorable and feel fantastic. For dressier occasions, I adore their Mary Jane‘s. There are a couple of different styles to choose from, but the ones with the bows are my absolute favorites! There’s never been a time I’ve worn these without receiving tons of compliments.

Would you guess they are good for the environment, too? That’s right, the signature material used in Rothy’s incredible shoes is made up of used water bottles! Unbelievable! The other unbelievable thing about these shoes is that when they get dirty, you can toss them in the washing machine and have them come out looking and smelling brand new! Whether you want a pair of shoes for everyday wear or for dressier occasions, there is something for everyone.

Who doesn’t love to smell absolutely amazing? I always love new perfumes to try out and FragranceNet is the perfect place to find every spectacular fragrance you could ever want! Buy full sized bottles like Kate Spade Live Colorfully Luxe and Live Colorfully, and gift sets like Gucci Flora which has not one, but four, varieties of mini Gucci Flora fragrances. Speaking of variety, you can also load up on miniature sizes of perfumes to try out or stuff stockings with. We love the Burberry Eau de Parfum and Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum just for that reason. While there is an abundance of amazing selections of perfumes and colognes to be found at, be sure to explore their site for candles, aromatherapy, skincare and makeup. All of which can be found at great discounts to save lots of money!

Speaking of smelling divine, every girl knows she wants the space she lives in to smell amazing, too. Have you heard of St. Brown & Co. candles? You’ll want to remember that name because these candles are absolutely luxurious and you will want them all! I can’t get enough of the Lemon Verbena + Thyme and I can’t wait to try out the new holiday inspired fragrances, too. These vegan candles are perfect for everyone on your list.

St. Brown & Co.

For all those holiday parties you plan on attending this December, it’s fun to add some pizazz to your wardrobe. It is fun to get to wear shimmery and sparkling items to celebrate. For just such occasions, I love Birdies Starling shoe. Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, they offer seasonal selections that are perfect for Christmas and New Year’s. Velvet or glitter options are available and you may just want to pick up more than one pair. These slipper like shoes are super comfortable and feel like you are walking on air. Their quilted and padded lining makes a night out easy on your feet!

When it’s time to go out and exercise, I absolutely adore base layers from Smartwool. Available in various patterns for both men and women, they have you covered from the cold when it’s necessary to be outside. Their Merino 250 base layer hoodie is the perfect weight. The 100% wool fabric feels amazingly soft and comfortable and allows you to stay toasty, while moving sweat away from your body. It’s also a plus that it is colored with eco-concious plant-based dyes. This is something that everyone can use and love!


Speaking of getting out and exercising, we can’t imagine doing that without the assistance of some great tunes. Nothing gets you pumped up like great music. But the delivery of that music is everything. We can’t get enough to the London Active Noise Cancelling Headphones from urbanista. These truly wireless earphones are the best! Tune out unwanted sounds and at the same time tune-in with the Ambient Sound Mode, which enables you to hear voices without needing to turn down the volume. Very smooth with lots of great features at an incredible price point. We can’t rave about these enough!

Whether it is clothing for everyday wear, exercise or lounging, 32 Degrees is a great store to have on your radar this holiday season. I adore their lightweight recycled diamond quilt vest for running errands. It adds the perfect layer of warmth in the cool weather. Their velour pullover is super soft and feels incredible to wear paired with their velour leggings. Looks cute to wear out or indoors! When exercising outside, I love to wear their luxe fur hooded full zip jacket. It feels so cozy when the air outside is far from that. The colors are so pretty, too! Check out the darkest spruce or purple shadow! And when it’s time to kick back and relax indoors, there is nothing better to slip on than their fleece lined leggings. 32 Degrees has very high quality clothing for incredible prices. You can find everything here to set you up for base layers and outdoor wear. Be sure to check them out, they are a favorite of mine!

Every girl loves to sparkle a bit. I tend to like really simple jewelry that feels pretty and is delicate. I love all the great pieces that Holly Yashi offers that fit the bill. I love her Riley Petite Pendant Necklace, horizons necklace, and Jolene Small Post earrings. These can all be worn everyday to add some class to complete your ensemble. As hoop earrings are my go-to, I simply adore the Cara large hoop post earrings. If you are one that loves a splash of color, I highly recommend the Delia Earrings in Plum or Turquoise Green. There are so many styles to choose from, you should probably grab a few!

Holly Yashi

For the gal that likes to start the day with a cup of something hot but finds herself not able to really immediately sit and enjoy it, the Glowstone Smart mug is a must have! This fine bone china self heating mug keeps your drink hot and tasting great far longer than you’d think would be possible (it will continually heat it for an hour!). In fact, it keeps it at an optimal 145 degrees fahrenheit! If you see it glowing, you know it’s working. The wireless charger on it means that you can even wash it safely in the dishwasher and the battery life is designed to have 4000-6000 charges. Be forewarned, though, it’s a gift so great you will probably want to get two–one for you and one your husband!

Glowstone Smart Mug

We adore plants to add a breath of fresh air to a space and Bloomscape never disappoints. I love the idea of gifting a living plant so it can be enjoyed for a long time to come. The Calathea Pinstripe from Bloomscape is the perfect, low maintenance plant. The pinstripe foliage is extremely striking and unique. You can also pick up a wide variety of holiday plants, too. I love the selection of beautiful plants from Bloomscape and their exceptional customer service. As I don’t have a green thumb, they have been more than willing to guide me along the way and my plants from them are absolutely stunning and I enjoy them every single day!


Birkenstocks were all the rage when I was in high school. Super comfortable sandals were the hot item everyone had to have. Fast forward 25 years (wow–time flies!) and nothing has changed. Except that truly they have. Birkenstocks are still so hip to own, but the styles have been enhanced. So many new options beyond the classic sandal design exist now and they are all spectacular. I love the clogs that can be worn all year long and the slippers, like the Zermatt Shearling, made of a smooth wool felt and lined with lush shearling, that you can’t wait to slip your feet into at the end of the day. And for the ultimate gift for someone who is on their feet a lot, I highly recommend the Zermatt Premium Shearling. Once I put these on my feet, I never wanted to take them off. Velvety soft suede leather, luxurious shearling lining in the footbed and around the ankle, plus the ultra comfortable and supportive sole that can be worn both indoors and out. That is the gift that keeps on giving!

I’m not really sure where this has been my whole life and why it’s taken so long for me to realize the importance of having something like this be a part of your daily beauty routine. But, now that I know, you need to know! You need a Riya, the ultrasonic rose quartz roller from RoseSkinCo. This pulsating roller is a miracle tool that will have you wanting to start and end your day taking care of your skin. Little massaging pulses help circulate and reduce puffiness, so it’s a great way to start the day and visibly look refreshed. At night, it’s great to use with a mask or nightly routine to make you feel amazing before bed.


Who doesn’t like to feel a little glamorous every now and then? What if you could do it everyday for minimal effort? Try a pair of Lola’s Lashes and you definitely will! I love these low maintenance lashes because they are so easy to apply–even I can do it! Simply put on their magnetic eye liner and the lashes adhere to the liner! Brilliant! No mess and so easy to use and they look incredible. I like the Rose Quartz for every day use and the Sapphire for a more dramatic evening look. They really do look amazing and there is no commitment from you. If you are ready to take them off, they pull off easily (they are magnetic, after all) and you store them in the case they came in for next time.

Lola’s Lashes

I can’t offer you a time machine for Christmas, but I can recommend a couple of great skincare products that make you look and feel as if you have gone back in time. Everyone is always searching for a miracle concoction to erase wrinkles, sun spots, and just make your skin feel smoother and firmer. Erasa has you covered with their Erasa XEP30 extreme line lifting and rejeuvenation concentrate and their Erasa lifting/sculpting creme. These indulgent products used together will have you seeing swift results and looking rather youthful in a short amount of time. Truly, fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots start to diminish and fade away. Amazing!

Erasa Skincare

A girl always loves new makeup to help accentuate her best features and feel really pretty. My favorite products tend to be those that highlight my eyes. I am loving the party ready Gold Celebration Shadow Quad eye shadow palette from Merle Norman. The limited edition case is gorgeous, in and of itself, but inside are beautiful matte and metallic colors that look spectacular when applied.

If you are anything like me, you’ve long been on a quest to find the perfect mascara. It’s hard to find, but girls, it’s out there! Soshe G.L.A.M. mascara is what you’ve been looking for. It’s lightweight, separates and makes your lashes look so long. No more nasty clumpy mess! And, on top of it being the greatest, you can get refills for the mascara to keep your mascara free and healthy for your eyes. You will absolutely adore this fantastic mascara!

One of our favorite products is the Renew Intensive Eye Cream from Botanical Republic. A great way to start the day, use this around your eyes to rid yourself of puffiness and dark circles. It is firming and erases fine wrinkles and really lifts. It is smooth and creamy, not at all heavy or greasy, and invigorates your eyes. Feels absolutely wonderful!

To finish off a made up look, we are loving Lisa Rinna lip kits from Rinna Beauty. These gorgeous sets have three great products inside–lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner available in spectacular shades. We love the flattering Legends Only Lip Kit for neutral daytime wear and the stunning Sasha Lip Kit for a more glamorous night time look. All the products are great to wear on their own. But, you can, of course, layer them for the ultimate look. I love how creamy and smooth they all apply. Definitely a must-have for your beauty arsenal!

Good or bad, since 2020, we’ve all been subjected to endless amounts of virtual calls, zoom meetings, and the like. There can be some nice aspects to that, but the downside can be that you find yourself staring at the camera thinking how unflattering you look. I was introduced to LITTIL lighting and since then, that problem is a thing of the past. This is the coolest gadget, available in a variety of sizes, that works wonders on your appearance on camera. Whether you post a lot on social media, a website, or just want to look better for virtual calls, this is the answer to your problem. A quick set up leaves the lighting absolutely perfect. I like the LITTIL Superstar to set up behind my computer, although you can easily attach your phone to it, if you are using your phone. It illuminates the most beautiful lighting to optimize what you see in the frame. I have experimented with the lighting to see the benefits of using it, and wow, it’s kind of scary how much of a difference good lighting makes. If you have to use your phone a lot for calls or pictures on the go, the Selfie One is a great product to get because it is so small and portable. Believe me when I tell you, no matter the photo or video you take, these LITTIL products work wonders!


Want to give the gift of health? Vitamins are where it’s at. With all the things we are fighting every day, it’s hard to know exactly what it is you need to stay healthy. Vous Vitamin has you covered. Follow the prompts to try a sample pack for yourself. You will be given a simple quiz to figure out what supplements your body specifically is in need of and they will customize a bottle of vitamins just for you. Are you tired? Stressed? Anxious? They will specially formulate a custom blend of nutrients your body needs to get you on the right track and send it to you in the mail. What a great gift!

Vous Vitamins

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*


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