Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms. We sacrifice a lot. Especially sleep. We can’t add more hours to the day to sleep longer, but we can certainly improve the quality of sleep we are actually able to get. This may be a little unconventional, but how about the gift of an incredible night’s sleep on repeat? Check out Casper’s amazing mattresses for a gift that will blow her away. Who doesn’t need ultra comfort and relaxation in their world? Buying one of these mattresses will be one of the best decisions ever. You’d be surprised at how it comes packaged and how easy it is to unbox. Once you do, let it expand and then give it a whirl. You will not be disappointed. And if that’s something you are worried about, don’t be. There is a 100 night risk free trial. Because you can’t try it out in person and know immediately how your body will actually adapt, Casper generously gives you a chance to really try it out. If after that time you decide it isn’t for you, no worries, they will come pick it up, package it and return it at no cost to you. But, if I’m being honest, the chances of you not liking it are almost non-existent.

I love the Casper Original Hybrid Mattress in king size. The comfort of this mattress is off the charts amazing and you will have one happy gal in your home who gets the best support and alignment for her body while she is sleeping, giving her the optimal start to each day. That’s a pretty freaking incredible gift and one that she will be reminded that you gave to her every night when she lays down to sleep. I think it’s a win-win.

To top it off, you can gift her one of the many fabulous quilts from Casper, too. The perfect weight for the upcoming warmer weather is the Everyday Bed Quilt and Pillow Sham Set. It’s available in a few different colors ( I adore the Indigo!) and is the perfect weight and texture for keeping comfortable. It’s so soft and smooth, made of 100% cotton. It’s so great, I’d love to get one for every bed in our house in different colors.

Who doesn’t love putting their best face forward? I know I love great quality makeup that makes me feel like a million bucks. I am simply adoring Smashbox and all of their products that make my skin and eyes look their best. To start off, Smashbox has the greatest primers. It’s hard to pick a favorite because they all work wonders and fulfill a need. I love the Photo Finish Primerizer+ to hydrate my skin, Photo Finish Illuminate Glow Primer for bright and glowing skin, the Photo Finish Correct to get rid of any redness in my complexion, and the Photo Finish Control to give a matte finish and blur imperfections. I also really loved the Photo Finish Revitalize 8-in-1 Primer Essence, which I think is great for traveling, because you have just about everything you need in one bottle. There is a primer for every need to give you a great base for gorgeous makeup.

When the weather is warmer, I am not a huge fan of wearing heavy foundations. I like something light and airy to give a clean fresh look for my skin. The Halo Healthy Glow All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect product for that! I love how smooth it goes on, how hydrating it is and how great my skins feels with it on. It also has an SPF of 25 to help keep my skin protected. A must-have for the summer!

My favorite feature to accentuate are my eyes, so I gravitate towards those that will give me the most bang for my buck. I love their line of Always On Cream Shadow. These shadows go on so smooth with great pigment that will last the duration of the day. I love that once they are on, they stay on. No worries about smudging or the heat and humidity melting them off your face. Available in a wide array of colors, I love griege, olive, vanilla, and amber, especially!

Being on our feet all day, we would love a pillowy soft, supportive shoe to give some relief to our tootsies. I am loving the great assortment of slippers, slides and sandals from Koolaburra by UGG. I love that you can wear these inside or outside of your house and no matter where you wear them, you will be ultra comfortable. The Fuzz’N II are perfect for wearing out to run a quick morning errand, although, you can find a million places to wear them. I love the Cameal Slide for wearing to go grab a pedicure, because the open toe design won’t smudge your nail polish and the faux-fur lined slipper will feel incredible on your freshly pampered feet. I like the idea of the BRB slides for taking with me to the pool. They slip on easily and feel fantastic on your feet. But you can just as easily wear them around the house. Any where you take any one of these budget friendly shoes, your feet will be sure to thank you!

Summer is just around the corner and getting a swimsuit that makes her feel confident and comfortable is key to be able to enjoy the upcoming warm weather near the pool, lake, or beach. Miraclesuit is my go-to for flattering swimwear that makes your feel slimmer and great. You never have to worry about anything when wearing one of their suits–you know that they have been designed for ultimate comfort. All you have to think about is having fun. No matter your body shape, they have a perfect fit for you. So many patterns and cuts to choose from and these bathing suits last forever. You can choose a complete suit, like this one piece, or a swim dress or select a separate top and bottom. The combinations can be completely customized to what she wants and feels most comfortable in. You can’t make a bad choice with Miraclesuit!

This slip poolside zippered pillowcase makes a great gift. Perfect to sleep on as they are anti-aging, anti-creasing, anti-bedhead. Wake up looking so much better! These silk pillowcases are so soft and supple and leave your skin feeling wonderful. It’s a celebrity beauty secret that you can easily do at home! Also available from slip are these great mini hair scrunchies that will prevent your hair from breaking or pulling that other hair ties can cause. It will also prevent your hair from getting undesirable creases. They are made from the same incredible silk as the slip pillowcases, too!

We love the beautiful jewelry found at Holly Yashi. There are so many unique pieces that are great for everyday wear or special occasions. Here are some of our favorites for Mother’s Day!

I love how delicate Holly Yashi pieces are. They feel so feminine and pretty. I love the Miramar necklace in Apatite and matching Miramar earrings in Apatite. Pictures do not do it justice. The Apatite gemstones are placed on hand-hammered silver wishbone hoops and are thought to bring expansion of knowledge and personal growth.

The Livia Pearl Drop Necklace is so unique, it is sure to be a topic of discussion whenever you where it. These free-form pearls are really gorgeous and look beautiful on this gold adjustable necklace. It is a great layering piece, as well.

My favorite might be the Phoebe Pearl Hoop earrings. Simple and perfectly sized, the peacock and silver combination is so complimentary. But there are several other color combinations that are equally stunning. The freshwater pearls shimmer perfectly on the hammered hoops they are placed on. Pair it with a Phoebe Pearl Bracelet (or a few!) for the ultimate romantic look.

I know I love to relax after a full day and to me the best way to do that is to take a nice relaxing bath. My favorite indulgence is to use a Cosset therapy bomb when doing so. No other product I have found matches the quality of these bath bombs. Having undergone some pretty intensive surgery and rehabilitation for my feet this past year, sometimes taking a bath and soaking in these bath bombs is the the only way to feel serious pain relief after being on my feet all day. Thankfully, not everyone will relate to that, but these therapy bombs can cater to the needs of many, with a wide array of solutions, whether it be muscle recovery, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, calming, or even toning agents. There are so many different kinds to choose from! Not sure where to start? They’ve got you covered and have created some gift sets perfect for Mother’s Day. The Mom’s Essentials is a great gift set to start with–a few wonderful therapy bombs, Moody Blues Moisturizing Cream, and a Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On will make her one very happy momma! After experiencing these therapy bombs (because they are indeed an experience) you will never hesitate to give a real response to your kids when asked what you would like for Mother’s Day again–you’ll want more of these!

If candles are on her list of favorites, you’ve got to check out Anecdote Candles. These hip and hilarious candles smell beyond spectacular, but their labels will definitely have her laughing. Check out some of these scents like Dear Mom, Comfort Zone, and Laundry Day. Which ever scent you pick, they are sure to smell delicious and put a smile on her face every time she uses it!

If the mom in your life lives for crafting or is always doing a new project, you have to check out the great new line of products from Black + Decker. We all know having the right tools is key to being able to make an experience easy or difficult and Black + Decker had that in mind when they created this incredible Crafting Collection. Included in this collection are a USB Rechargeable 4V MAX* Cordless Power Rotary Cutter, USB Rechargeable 4V MAX* Cordless Glue Gun, and USB Rechargeable 4V MAX* Cordless Power Scissors. All of which are quite impressive at their respective capabilities. I love that all of these tools are cordless and rechargeable, making using them a breeze. They are so versatile and easy to use, she will love them!

Before she was ever anybody’s mom, chances are good that she was a girl that could rock the playground at tetherball. We all know what it was like to play that game and how much fun it was. Here is a really fun gift idea; give her a tetherball set from GoSports. Normally, you would think putting a backyard tetherball set would include actually cementing in the pole. That’s the beauty of this set–none of that is required. You can simply install it in the grass. It easily screws in and can just as easily be taken out to take to the beach. But once you have it set in the ground, it is super sturdy and secure. This is a full sized pole and tetherball and it’s amazing! You will be shocked at how quickly those skills come back to you after not playing since elementary school. We’ve been playing it and having so much fun in our own backyard. She will absolutely love this, especially when it means that she’ll get to challenge you to a game!

I can’t get enough of the Brazilian inspired products from Natura. A perfect gift set for mom is the Mother’s Day Hand Cream Collection Set. The perfect size to keep the hand cream on her nightstand or in her purse, the scents in this collection are divine and she will want to use them all the time. The texture of the hand cream is perfect, silky smooth and completely out of the ordinary with intoxicating aromas like Acai, Breu Branco, Castanha, Maracujá , Tukumã, and Ucuuba.

I also highly recommend the Triple Phase Oil Lovers Set. This unique set of decadent oils is unlike any other I have tried. Some you can use while in the shower to moisturize and cleanse your skin and others you can use after the shower. All of them will be thoroughly enjoyed!

For springtime flair, we can’t get enough of Rothy’s latest addition, their Lightweight Tote. Available in a variety of stylish colors, this Morning Sky color especially makes us celebrate that spring is here. It’s perfect for all your errands, day trips, and getaways. You’ll wonder how you got by without it for so long. Best of all, it is completely washable and sustainable–it’s made from recycled plastic bottles! 

Rothy doesn’t stop at great bags, though, they have amazing shoes! Just like their other products, the Driver loafers are made from a thread derived of plastic. Their insole is dual-density, designed for ultimate comfort. I love the soles of these shoes. Very few shoes can be worn all day long, straight from the box, without anything to say but that they feel great on your feet. They are fantastic for warmer weather, you can just slip these loafers on and go about your day in total comfort. I love the fun colors for the season, like martini, seaside, or soft orchid. If they get dirty, no worries, they can be thrown in the wash and come out like new!

Wen by Chaz Dean products are simply wonderful. Every product I have ever tried from this company have exceeded my expectations. I love the Fig Sweet Orange treatment oil for hair and skin. It’s subtle smell is delicious and, although it can be used multiple ways, my favorite way is to use it as a deep conditioning overnight scalp treatment. To die for! While they are famous for their hair care products, they also have candles for your home. These candles are a great way to make your home incredibly welcoming and enticing. I love the Joy fragrance for summer for my kitchen and Light for when I want to create a spa-like atmosphere in my home. Mom will love them!

Giving mom a day at the spa is always a great idea, but you could let the spa come to her and let the experience last a little longer. Check out the great gifts from Neom Organics London to create a wonderful assortment of luxurious self-care and wellness products for mom to use in the comfort of her own home. She will absolutely adore them all! I love the Great Day Body Scrub in Wild Mint & Mandarin from the Scent to Make You Happy Range. Scrub away dry and dull skin and radiant, silky smooth skin emerges, ready to face the world! Pair it with the Great Day Hand & Body Lotion for a combo that will knock her socks off. For the end of the day, I love the Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter in English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine and corresponding Perfect Night’s Sleep Overnight Facial Cream from the Scent to Sleep Range. An extra special boost is to use the White Jade Facial Roller to relax the tension held in your face at night time or to reduce puffiness if you use it at the start of the day. Heck, do both, and you will feel incredible! We can’t rave about these extraordinary products enough!

If your favorite lady enjoys having beautiful nails, check out Zoya nail lacquers. Stunning assortments of nail colors, like the All Snuggled Up Quad, are sure to delight her. Comprised of colors like Shimmer, Mia, Madeline, and Joni, it’s the perfect combination of neutral and beautiful colors to start off her collection. Even better is that they are a Big 5 Free Formula–no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, toluene, dibutyl phthalate or camphor, whatsoever. This natural nail polish is striking and wears so well. It will definitely delight her!

Spring is full of sweet scents and beauty all around and colors start popping up all around us. You can mirror that with some fresh fragrances and makeup from FragranceNet.Com. Kate Spade fragrances, such as Truly Daring, are always a favorite of mine. I am also loving Calvin Klein’s Euphoria–it’s so clean and fresh. It’s fun to try out new scents for different seasons, especially when the cost is so low, like it is at I knew they had a huge selection of great perfumes and colognes, but what I didn’t know is they have a wide array of upscale make up lines where you can buy your favorite brands at a much welcomed discount. Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love lip and cheek tints and Stila All Fired Up Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set are both game changers and great gift ideas!

Show mom how much you value her time and her health.  Give her a faster, easier and healthier way to cook and grill.  Give her a set of Basquettes, The Everything Basket, that can be used to air-fry, crisp, roast, rotisserie, dehydrate, grill, smoke and cool the family’s favorite foods.  Your mom will end up reaching for Basquettes to make everyday meals and snacks, and when making elaborate dinner party feasts.  The patent-pending design allows grease and fats to drip away from food for healthier eats while also promoting heat and air circulation for faster cooking times. Basquettes is comprised of two multi-functional and multi-positional nesting baskets, each of different heights, that feature removable and adjustable tops, plus patent-pending intertwining legs, allowing users to easily stack, flip and cook multiple levels of different foods at the same time, whether on the grill or in the oven. This six-piece set allows the user to mix and match the pieces to achieve endless cooking and grilling possibilities.  These high-capacity, sturdy baskets replace large appliances and multicookers that take up precious counter and cabinet space like air-fryers, crispers, dehydrators, rotisserie ovens, indoor grills, grill baskets, smokers and more.

Speaking of cooking, check out The Chef’s Garden. This online retailer delivers the highest quality produce to your doorstep, making it so easy to create a delicious and nutrient-rich meal. For the mom that loves her veggies, this delivery service is out of this world! When you vegetable box arrives, it is neatly packed, labeled and organized with cold packs to keep everything fresh through the shipping process. Included in this massive assortment are unbelievable recipes incorporating the fresh veggies. No need to be intimidated with unfamiliar ingredients because they’ve thought through how best to prepare and enjoy the food. The ingredients in this box may vary depending on availability, but we were thrilled with the Eat the Rainbow Box we got to try. Everything was stunning to look at, so fresh and crisp, and the flavors were every bit as wonderful as they looked like they would be.

When needing to take food on the go, we are loving the bags from Out of the Woods. These eco-friendly bags are something mom will absolutely love. I love their Dolphin Cooler Grocery Shopping bag for a chic way to bring my groceries wherever they need to go. These insulated cooler bags are made with 100% Vegan Supernatural Paper on the outside, but inside are lined to keep everything nice and cold. Perfect for grocery shopping or a fun picnic with the family. For the mom on the go, I love the Mini Shopper bag–perfect to carry lunches to work or fill with snacks for the playground. It looks super cute and is extremely functional.

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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