Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2022 Winter Tour: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

I’ve never seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra before. Of course, I had heard some of their songs playing on radio stations during the holiday season in years past and I’d always enjoyed them. So when I was invited to come and see the show when they made a stop at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, I was excited to see it and start off the Christmas season with this concert.

We made our way into the arena and found our seats on the floor near the stage. We got settled in for what I thought was going to be a calm evening enjoying some instrumental music. Low key is what I was expecting. I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

The concert began and it quickly became apparent my illusions of a quiet evening of listening to instrumental music was far off.This was actually like a rock concert! We were told a Christmas tale interspersed with unconventional spins on favorite Christmas songs and some original music, as well. Vocals and instruments rocked the arena and we were treated to unbelievable laser light show choreographed to the music. The concert was really spectacular and the visual effects were just as much a part of the production. It was really incredible!

When I arrived at the venue, we were talking to some people seated near us. They told us that they were die-hard TSO fans. I really had no idea that there was such a cult following until I looked around and watched the audience take in the all-encompassing experience that is a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. Everyone was enthralled and mesmerized by all that was going on. Pyrotechnics, light shows, music that moved you to the core, and….there was even snow falling on top of us. They definitely know how to entertain their audience! I can see after experiencing this 2022 Winter Tour: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, exactly why fans look forward to and return to see them whenever possible. It was a really fun way to kick off the holidays and I would definitely recommend it to you!

To find out more about Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s 2022 Winter Tour: Ghosts of Christmas Eve, visit them online. Find the city near you and grab your tickets now to take your family to see this one-of-kind show this winter!

*we were invited to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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