Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Fitness Lover

While maybe a bit untraditional, we love the idea of giving gifts for your favorite valentine to use while keeping their heart and bodies healthy and strong!

Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for your favorite fitness fanatic:

Love soccer? Who doesn’t, right? But, if you are serious about loving to play the game or want to get even better at it, we love Dribble Up. This isn’t any ordinary soccer ball. Oh, no…it’s a Smart Soccer Ball. That’s right, this ball can help you improve in so many areas. With the help of the app, you can train to increase dribbling speed, improve weak feet, and build confidence. Such a cool way to incorporate tech into sports. It doesn’t stop there, though. You can also get a Smart Basketball, Smart Strength Ball, Smart Boxing Gloves and Smart Weights. Soon you will want to collect all of them for the best all around training!

Garmin’s Bounce makes a great gift for kids. This smartwatch tracks lots of health metrics like sleep, active minutes, fitness activities, steps, walking, running, biking, swimming and more. It’s a fun way to turn keeping healthy and fit into a game. By using the Garmin Jr. app, kids can unlock rewards by meeting activity goals. Parents can even assign chores and responsibilities and send them to the Bounce! It is the first LTE-connected kids smartwatch featuring two-way text and voice messaging and real time location tracking. Such a wonderful and safe way to help motivate and keep tabs on where your kids are and for them to keep in contact easily with you!

For those who are serious about their nutrition, you’ve got to try Ancestral Supplements. These supplements are off the charts! Bear Grylls is a fan and you will be, too, once you give them a chance. Great for both men and women, athletic performance and overall health, these unorthodox vitamins take us back to our roots, back to our ancestors. There was a time when we were stronger, healthier and fit. We were designed to endure and could endure more than we have grown accustomed to. The company’s idea is that we go back to the time when we as people consumed whole animals, not just the muscles. It provided us with better raw nutrients needed to be our best. With that in mind, their supplements take the nutrients we no longer get and make them accessible to us. Their Beef LiverMOFOFEMHeart, and Ancestral Minerals are just some of the supplements we have tried and they are incredible! Their products are sourced in New Zealand and Australia, freeze dried and then available to us without all the fillers you can find in other supplements. We recommend the Bear Grylls Survival Pack to get you started! It includes Beef Liver, Lung, and Heart to help you tackle the biggest obstacles you find yourself encountering every day.

For great gear to wear while exercising, we are absolutely loving everything we’ve tried from Korsa! For men who love to run, check out these Mens Korsa Pack Leader 5″ 2.0 Shorts. These shorts are designed for someone who loves a good run or workout at the gym. Soft, breathable and ultra comfortable with great features like a sweat proof back pocket to stash a phone and 4 way stretch material make these shorts a favorite! Women have great options, as well, and we can’t rave about the Korsa Accelerate Long Sleeve Baselayer enough. This is the ultimate-must have piece for women. It’s so breathable and light–you can wear it on it’s own or layer it for winter and colder weather wear. These great pieces and many others are available at Road Runner Sports.

Bucked Up is our very favorite brand for sports nutrition. In our opinion, everyone should be stocking their cupboards with their unbelievably good products. We absolutely love them! They have you covered from the most delicious Buck Feed Original Protein which combines 25g of hormone-free whey protein with Deer Antler Velvet powder to help users build and maintain muscle and quickly recover to Six Point Creatine to increase strength and build lean muscle. They have great products made specifically for men and women and those that can be enjoyed by both. For women, I highly recommend their grass-fed Collagen Peptides and Doe, a full spectrum vitamin that provides a solid foundation for female health. I can tell a difference when taking these and love how my body feels. All the guys in my house swear by their Pre-Workout formulas. You can benefit from their amazing tasting pre-workouts whether you are a beginner or a serious athlete. There are 16 fun flavors to choose from and each one we’ve tried so far is incredible (be sure to try the Miami Vice)! They love the results of taking this before going to the gym and the pump they get while using it. Try these for yourself and pick them up for your valentine, you won’t be disappointed!

Blender Bottles are our go-to for a trip to the gym and taking our favorite protein drinks on the go. There are so many great designs to choose from and every member of the family can pick something unique just for them. Choose an insulated Strada stainless steel shaker bottle with a Spider-Man or Star Wars design to show off your favorite characters. Pick a Disney Princess like Moana with their Pro-Series. Upgrade your bottle with Radian™ Insulated Stainless Steel. I love the tops to these and they keep everything ice cold, no matter the outside temperature. You can even pick a color of the quarter for a limited edition Strada Stainless Steel Blender Bottle. This quarter’s color is Lavender Haze, a lovely shade just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Grab a set of highly effective, yet inexpensive, resistance bands for legs and butt on Amazon. Gymb fabric resistance bands come in a set of three, offering three levels of resistance–light (14-25 lbs), medium (25-35 lbs) and strong (40-50lbs). They are perfect to take with you while traveling, going to work, to the gym or to the park. They come in a mesh case that is easy to take wherever you decide to go and offer a full body workout. These are fantastic bands!

I know I am not alone in having foot problems, but sometimes when I’m wearing exercise shoes, it certainly feels that way. It’s so important to me to have a comfortable shoe that I can exercise in that doesn’t add to or create foot pain. I can’t be focused on getting a good workout in when I am focused on pain in my feet. KURU is a great brand of shoes that specializes in quirky feet. They know what it’s like to have foot problems and want to make your shoe wearing experience as comfortable as possible, while looking good in the process. I absolutely love the new ATOM Athletic Sneaker (available for both men and women) from KURU. Pick from a variety of fun colors to get just the right pair for you. You can wear them out and about just as easily as going to the gym. I love how light and breathable they are with the incredible secure and comfortable fit they offer. I feel like I am walking on clouds and know my feet are cushioned and supported while exercising. They are wonderful shoes!

If swimming is your favorite form of exercise, a great new swimsuit is a great option for Valentine’s gifting. We can’t get over this gorgeous Cheerful one piece from Swiminista. A perfect color for Valentine’s or any time. Swim some laps, lay on a beach in the sun, or go hot-tubbing. All of those sound like a great way to show off this hot, high-quality swimsuit that you’ll love adding to your wardrobe.

Once your workouts are over and done, it’s time to recover. Snag a pair of infrared recovery socks from CEP Compression to do the job. These compression socks are miracle workers. They improve microvascular circulation to shorten recovery time and ensure your legs feel rejuvenated quicker than ever. Whether you have foot problems or not, these are great to wear to for optimum benefits and to feel fantastic after your workouts. I don’t know how I went so long without using them, they are amazing! But, they don’t just offer knee length socks, they also offer 4.0 low cut socks that are wonderful to use during your workouts, too. They help support your joints, prevent injuries and relieve pain in the feet. That’s quite a gift!

For recovery from aches and pains that can be a result of an intensive workout, we highly recommend TheraICE Rx. These hot/cold therapy packs are perfect to have on hand for quick pain relief. I love the Therapy Head Cap for relaxation. This one size fits all cap slips on easily, blocks light, and is smooth to the touch as it delivers your preferred hot or cold therapy. Also available in wrist ice packs and sleeves, you will want to keep these on hand to help with whatever ails you.

Have you heard of Red Light Therapy? I was a stranger to this not too long ago and then I tried the Hooga HGPRO 300. This is a medical grade device that emits red light waves to help heal and enhance your health in the comfort of your own home. The HG300 red light therapy panel can be used for anti-aging, improving skin tone & texture, relieving pain, wrinkle reduction, improving sleep and more! I mentioned I have foot pain. After exercising, it tends to be worse. So I can easily set this up and enjoy the benefits of the red light therapy and feel improvements in my body in a quick light session–any time I choose up to 15 minutes. It’s like having a spa in your own home to enjoy. This has quickly become one of my most favorite ways to recover from exercising and it’s something I definitely recommend to you!

Looking for great energy drinks that promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle? Look no further than VUE! This vegan, non-GMO vitamin and mineral packed blend is a fantastic portable powder that you will want to make sure is always in your bag. I love the mixed berry energy to start off my day, it gets me energized and motivated to take on the world. It tastes so good, too, and I love that there are no added sugars or preservatives. There is a variety of great flavors in Energy Boost, Electrolyte Boost and Immunity Boost. You will want to try them all!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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