Il Tinello East : A Gem on NYC’s East Side

Let’s cut to the chase. The food and service at Il Tinello East is fantastic. If you are visiting Manhattan and looking for high end Italian at a reasonable price, don’t miss this opportunity. 

Il Tinello West is one of New York’s well-established, successful (meaning busy), restaurants.  For thirty-eight years they have wowed customers with impeccable service, and luscious and savory Italian foods. Their new location on the East side at 244 East 46th Street is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and one not to be missed, either.

Every dish during our meal displayed intentional culinary choices, incredible depth of flavor, and fresh ingredients.

We were immediately seated and served a perfectly-toasted Bruschetta with a sweet pickle topping. The chef managed to subdue the sharpness of the vinegar without diminishing the flavor. 

Next came the stewed long peppers and zucchini. I am not often a fan of this approach to vegetables, but the seasoning made this a revelatory tastebud celebration. If only greens tasted like this everywhere. Eating slowly provided at least four distinct savory flavor profiles in this dish. 

We invited the owner to make suggestions for our meal and he went off menu (you can request these also)! 

Our appetizer was a tableside Ceasar Salad. It does not get more fresh than that, and the taste proved it; this is the Caesar which all such salads will be judged against. 

Our next course featured European bread with just the right amount of crunch and a soft center. A sweet vegetable relish elevated this dish from normal to memorable. 

The main course followed. 

Caceio pepe – served tableside

Il signore Bello began by crushing black and green peppercorns into the pan and turned on the gas. Once the pepper was slightly charred, he added butter, finely chopped red onion, and peas in rapid succession. A flash of scotch set the pan ablaze before he reduced the heat and added cream. He then melted in a heaping scoop of freshly ground Parmesan Romano. Partially cooked, freshly made noodles were rolled in the parmesan Romano block and then added to the dish. This leaning tower of pasta exemplified Italian comfort food. The sauce was folded in and plated. Unlike many white sauces, this approach made the dish light and flavorful instead of dense and heavy; the kind of pasta you can eat at lunch without having to take a two hour nap to recover — perfect for a business lunch or to leave enough room for dessert. 

After we cleared our plates and they cleared the table, butter cookies and the dessert menu followed. From the lengthy list, we chose cheesecake and crème brûlée. We both felt the cheesecake was the better choice of the two. This was a New York cheesecake loaded with flavor but not the density and pounds of sugar like one would get at a factory of cheesecakes. Raspberry and passion fruit sauces complimented the delicate balance of this indulgence. 

At its heart, Il Tinello lives up to its name, “The Dining Room;” fresh food, high-end ingredients, and exceptional service were all on display. Yet, it is also a very comfortable experience. We watched the owner greet regulars by name and talk about sports and life (it says something when a fairly new restaurant has regulars). 

Come to the East Side during your next trip to The City to escape the dangers of street food and corner markets, for a culinary experience that will leave you wanting more.  There is a chance you will see us, because we will definitely come back!

To learn more about Il Tinello East visit them online. Explore their delectable menu and make your own reservation for an experience unlike any other.

*we were invited to facilitate a feature, all opinions are our own*

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