Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May snuck up on me this year, with winter weather holding on until the bitter end. But, here we are! It’s May and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you are as caught off guard as I am, you are more than likely looking for great gift ideas that will knock her socks off. We’ve got some great suggestions for you!

I love gifts that will get a lot of use and one I have been using every single day is the Vivomove Trend from Garmin. This hybrid smartwatch could easily be mistaken for just an analog watch, with a classic look and color tones. Available in a variety of metal bezels and cream colored silicone bands, it easily can be worn with everything without necessarily looking like a sports or fitness tracker. Once you look more closely, though, you quickly find digital features that are hidden from view. A tap on the face of the watch brings up an entire screen that is loaded with valuable information. Want to know the weather, receive texts, and how many steps you’ve taken each day? This watch has that at the touch of your fingertips, and then some. Download the Garmin app for your phone and even more information can be found. It tracks hydration, stress levels, sleep and even allows me to compete with myself or other users, making a complete game out of fitness goals. Collecting badges and traveling the distances of countries around the world has me challenging myself constantly and I love it!

Spring is in the air and with that comes the perfect opportunity to update her perfume. Switch it up and get her some new gorgeous scents like Kate Spade New York, Kate Spade Sparkle, and Burberry Brit. is the perfect online retailer for all your beauty needs. Whether you want travel sized or full sized bottles, there collection of beautiful aromas is sure to impress. is my favorite go-to for perfumes because I am getting high quality brands at a fraction of the cost. Who doesn’t love to save money wherever they can? Unsure of buying perfumes without smelling them? They always have great suggestions for different occasions and holidays and they haven’t steered me wrong yet!

We love for all things beauty, but did you know they also carry a large assortment of fragrances for the home, too? I love their selection of incredible candles for aromatherapy (think relaxation) and for the home in general. I love Yankee Candles, but I don’t love paying those prices–if I buy them here, they are always on sale! I’m feeling summer vibes right now and wanting to go someplace tropical, but I can’t escape quite yet. That’s ok, because scents like Black Coconut and Pink Sands have me transcending to another place in the comfort of my own home.

We’ve shared great products from Public Rec before and if you’ve tried them out, you know why I love their clothing as much as I do. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Their clothes are absolutely amazing! For women, I love, love, love their All Day Joggers. I am short, so I can have a really hard time finding pants that fit well. Public Rec designs pants for women that you can select your inseam and waist measurements for the absolute best fit possible. Wearing these joggers makes me want to throw out all my other clothes and just replace them with these. Pair them with the All Day Jacket and it makes the perfect outfit for activities of all sorts. I really can’t stress enough how comfortable and flattering these clothes are. I also love their Here to There Leggings sized the same way the joggers are. Absolute perfect fit for exercising and they are so soft on your skin. Be sure to get their Here to There Longline Bra for the ultimate workout gear.

Want to surprise mom with something as sweet as she is? Look to Gourmet Gift Baskets to offer a huge variety of delectable treats that can be delivered to her doorstop. We are loving the Irresistible Bundt Cake Assortment for something unique and fun. Each adorable box is filled with five immensely popular mini bundt cakes like lemon poppyseed, vanilla with strawberries and cinnamon coffee cake. You can’t go wrong with these scrumptious little cakes!

I was recently introduced to Hairitage by Mindy products and, you guys, they are incredible! I love their hair products like the Outta My Hair cleansing shampoo and their S.O.S. Deep Moisture and Restore conditioner to leave my hair feeling its best. I don’t know how I used a regular hairdryer anymore after trying out their Up in the Air Volumizing Brush. It simplifies my routine and leaves my hair looking fantastic, giving me the volume and shape that a lot of brushes and hairdryers couldn’t accomplish before. Using this hair tool has taken serious time off of getting ready each day and looks like I spent a lot longer than I did. This is something every woman needs in her life!

Cotopaxi has quickly become a favorite brand of mine. Their bold colors bring joy to those who see and wear their clothing. Not just that, though, they wear so comfortably and are great for travel and adventuring. With summer quickly arriving, they have some great items that will be absolutely adored and used to death by your favorite gal. For in between weather or cool nights, I love the Teca Cálido Reversible Hooded Vest in Honeybee. It is the perfect weight and very versatile because you can reverse it and have an entirely different vest. It’s light in weight but heavy in performance and has lots of pockets, too! To protect from the elements, I love their tech bucket hat. It’s great for taking hikes with the family or going to the shore and protecting her face from the sun. You also can’t go wrong with a Sunny Side T-Shirt, available in a variety of colors that she will love!

Holly Yashi always delivers beautiful, high quality jewelry that is sure to be a hit with moms everywhere. Are flowers her favorite? Check out the Garden Pansy pendant necklace and drop earrings. Wanting something delicate and sparkly? I love the Astoria drop earrings. No matter what you pick, it is sure to be unique and meaningful to mom. Readers can enjoy a special 20% off discount now through May 15th, just enter code HYMOMSDAY

Utah is the never ending land of adventuring with the mountains, deserts, and national parks. Getting out and exploring it with the family is a blast. But doing it in great gear makes it even better. I am loving the Newport Retro hiking sandals from Keen. These fun and colorful sandals are perfect to wear on all your outdoor adventures and your feet will thank you for it. Gifting mom a pair of these is a great idea–you can even offer to go with her to break them in for a memorable experience. While their hiking sandals are rugged and all-terrain, Keen offers a lot more than just that type of shoe. Pick up a pair of Elle Backstrap Sandals for all around wear during the summer, you can dress up or down. They are so comfy, you will take them everywhere! Or for the mom that loves to get her morning walks in, pick up a pair of their WK400 walking shoes, which rival the popular HOKAs (I even like them way better) and make her feel like she is literally walking on air.

To wear with dresses, I love Sandgrens Victoria high heeled clog sandals. These shoes are handcrafted in Sweden, where they have been produced since the early 1900’s. I recently tried a pair on and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. While they gave me the height of a high-heeled shoe, they in no way felt as if I was wearing high-heels. They felt conformed to my feet and so comfortable to wear. I love the way they look and the versatility of being able to wear casually or with a more formal look. This style of sandal is available in a wide array of colors, you will want to pick up one in every color! This would definitely make a wonderful gift for mom!

What mom doesn’t want to relax? We spend so much time going, going, going, sometimes what we crave is to be still and calm. Those times are few and far between, but here’s something that can offer you a little bit of peace and body relaxation in small increments, all in the comfort of your own home. Gift mom a Shakti Mat and Pillow and she can reap the benefits of using acupressure to relieve stress and achieve well-being. It might be a little intimidating at first, but no worries, there is an app to guide you and you will feel like an expert in no time! It’s an amazing gift that she will absolutely love!

Summer is just around the corner and getting a swimsuit that makes her feel confident and comfortable is key to be able to enjoy the upcoming warm weather near the pool, lake, or beach. Miraclesuit is my go-to for flattering swimwear that makes your feel slimmer and great. You never have to worry about anything when wearing one of their suits–you know that they have been designed for ultimate comfort. All you have to think about is having fun. No matter your body shape, they have a perfect fit for you. So many patterns and cuts to choose from and these bathing suits last forever. You can choose a complete suit, like this one piece, a swim dress, a tankini or select a separate top and bottom. The combinations can be completely customized to what she wants and feels most comfortable in. You can’t make a bad choice with Miraclesuit!

Give mom the gift of pedicures she can do at home with a great kit like Bare August Smooth Steps Gift Set. This travel case includes the Oh So Smooth Bare August Foot Exfoliant Scrub and Oh So Soft Bare August Foot Butter with an Oh So Bare Foot Scrubber. This scrubber is magical and will be thoroughly loved by any mom that loves to enjoy some self care now and then. Her feet will feet smooth and soft and will be ready to go bare in those summer sandals. She will love this kit!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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