Gifts That Keep On Giving


Subscription boxes are so much fun to get!  It spreads the surprises out all year long.  Here are some we love!

degustaWhile definitely not a traditional gift, I love the idea of giving a Degustabox subscription to those that love to cook.  A great way to introduce new and unusual products risk-free, you receive a wide variety of edible treats each month, along with recipes.  I have really enjoyed receiving mine each month.


img_9486SoBakeable is the newest subscription box we have been able to try and all I can say is we absolutely love it! Each month a new box featuring two dessert recipes will be sent to you.  Everything is labeled and pre-measured, with the exception of refrigerated ingredients like eggs and butter.  In the step-by-step card, all the directions are clearly laid out and you can just follow the instructions to bake your way to something absolutely delicious.  It also includes something to add to your baking tools.  For example, this box has a mini sifter to keep on hand for future recipes. I love this box for the sheer ease of teaching my kids how to cook on their own. You can use the card on its own or you can follow along in an app. Confidence is boosted and you  are left with an impressive and delicious creation.  This is such a fun gift get give or get! img_9664



home_box_3_newHave you tried the coloring craze that’s sweeping the nation?  I honestly love it!  For a way to relax and clear my head, sitting down and coloring in detailed pictures is something I love to do.  Even better is to get my kids to sit down with me.  You would be surprised how much they open up and talk while “mindlessly” coloring with their mom.  I love Hue Monthly for this reason, it’s a monthly subscription box loaded with different coloring books, activities, some relaxing surprises and colored pencils.  A great gift to give!


The end-all-be-all gift for lovers of pop culture is Loot Crate. We look forward to our monthly deliveries so much!  Each month has a theme and all the components of the box relate to that theme.  Socks, T-shirts, collectibles, accessories, comics and more can be found within from popular movies, comics and more.  Take it to another level and subscribe to LootPets for your dog, as well.  Our dog looks forward to the mail (no joke!) because of these black boxes loaded with dog treats, toys and matching tees to the ones found inside the main Loot Crate.