Stocking Stuffers


Fun knick-knacks and treats are always great to find inside your stocking.  Here are some great ideas we love!

BluePurpleTron1_large.pngEver had a problem with tangled headphone cords?  I know it is something I am particularly talented at.  No matter the cord, I can get it into a tangled mess, never to back to normal again.  That is, until I found the Headset Sock. I am loving this great mom-invented product and think this is a must have for kids everywhere. Follow the instructions to guide a fun patterned “sock” over the cords that keeps them from tangling, making it so much easier to keep organized and ready to use.  Kids and adults can choose from a variety of prints and patterns, so you can find one that suits your tastes perfectly.  Brilliant!  Everyone in the family should have them!


Itty Bittys from Hallmark are absolutely adorable!  We love all the different kinds they have.  This year there are some super cute Sanrio Christmas ones to be had.  My Melody, Hello Kitty, Chococat, and Kerropi dressed in all their holiday splendor will be a sure thrill to anyone Hello Kitty fan!

jelly belly.jpg






Jelly Belly jelly beans are awesome on their own, but to find a special edition DC Comics featuring Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman on the package in your stocking is just that much better. All your favorite flavors like Berry Blue, Blueberry, Cream Soda, Sour Lemon, Very Cherry and Wild Blackberry and your favorite characters combined.  What could be better?



Who doesn’t love a fun spin on the every day routine?  Crazy Foam gives kids the chance to make bathing slightly more exciting.  Available in holiday or super hero designs, Crazy Foam is a spray 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo and conditioner that gets kids excited to keep clean. They can spray the soap in their hands and watch it expand to help lather their bodies.  They smell delicious and your kids will be clean as a whistle!   Definitely a great incentive to take a bath!



Your favorite saga is back just in time for the holidays! Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Double Down has just been released and will make a super stocking stuffer, you can even get a free gift-wrap on it, too!  Join Greg as he tries to broaden his horizons and try something other than video games, which his mom thinks is rotting his brain (we can relate as moms, can’t we?).  A great read that will have your kids laughing (and doing something offline, which is even better!)





contigo_ashland_32oz_scuba_1_2.jpg I am horrible about drinking water.  I come up with a million excuses every day why I’d rather have something else.  So setting a goal and making water super accessible as I am driving  around or working makes it better for me to achieve that goal. I am loving these contigo water bottles! Easy to take with you (they lock so they won’t leak), the Autospout technology makes for a much nicer opening of the bottle and keeps the spout free from contamination. Autoseal technology keeps them from leaking. Thermalock technology keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. They are BPA free, of course, and come in so many different styles, including stainless and also fun designs for the little ones.  I also love that there is a measured line on the bottle to keep my drinking habits in check.  These are a must-have for every member of the family!




Something a little unusual, but cool, to fill stockings, why not create some personalized chop sticks?  These bamboo chopsticks come in their own case with your own name on them.  Might be fun to encourage some exposure to new cuisines to eat or even to make!  I found these monogrammed chopsticks on etsy at the TealsPrairie shop.  I love this unique gift and how they turned out.




cereal killer.jpg

If you have kids (or just a fun sense of humor), here’s a totally cool gift for you.  Check out these Cereal Killer personalized spoons at Etsy shop LeBreux.  Now when you eat your breakfast, you will always have a spoon with your name on it that will make you laugh.  I love the idea of getting one for every member of the family.  They turn out really cool looking and I love that they are so unique. Really great quality that will last a long time to come.





hair ties.jpg

For the women and girls in your life, you NEED to pick up some of these! Cricket Tools offers great canisters full of hair ties and bobby pins.  The struggle is real, I can never find my hair ties.  This funny canister will helpfully help me reel in that problem.  But women everywhere will relate and appreciate this convenient tin.