Zermatt Resort: Gorgeous Utah Getaway #Advertorial

This past spring, we took a trip out west to Utah. We split our trip into two parts, staying in the Salt Lake area for half  and then traveling to Midway, Utah for Memorial Day weekend.  Midway is just outside of Park City, a favorite town of ours (we spent part of our honeymoon there 16 years ago).  We knew we wanted to take our kids to this great town and found that just outside of it was a well known resort, The Homestead and it’s sister site, Zermatt Resort.  These beautiful resorts are nestled in the mountains and rolling hills, a gorgeous backdrop for a weekend getaway.

We were guests at Zermatt and were spoiled with the lovely accommodations found within.  The hotel looks like it is from a Bavarian village.  The grounds are well kept and clean.  There are so many things to do on the grounds, including life sized chess (the kids loved this), miniature golf, and an outdoor pool that flows into a gorgeous indoor pool.  Our rooms were very large and connecting two rooms together made the perfect amount of space for our family of six.  Employees there were very gracious and friendly, which is always important and desired when vacationing.    This is a wonderful family destination as there is so much to do at the resort.  The restaurants that we tried onsite were wonderful and while I don’t always choose to dine at the restaurants in the hotels we are visiting, I would recommend eating onsite as the food was very good and service was fantastic.

Our very favorite thing we did while visiting the resort was to visit the famous Crater.  The Crater is a natural hot springs that had a limestone crater form around the body of water over the years.  What is left is a heated body of mineral water inside a crater.  While visiting the resort, you can reserve a time to come over to the Crater and swim.  We were able to do so late in the evening, which was an incredible experience.  Imagine being inside a dark cave, with only some spotlights to light the way and getting into a 98 degree pool.  The water is crystal clear and goes down about 65 feet.  There was a spotlight underneath the water to allow you to see way below the surface.  They limit the amount of people that swim at a time and our family was able to enjoy the Crater all by ourselves.  Everyone is given a life vest, so you are able to just float and relax in the water.  We loved floating on our backs looking up through  the top of the crater at the starry night sky.  This was something we have never done before and definitely a highlight of our visit.  It was incredible!
I can only imagine how beautiful Zermatt Resort is now that it is December, nestled in the snow covered mountains.
The next time we go to visit Utah, I know we will be making Zermatt part of our vacation plans.  It was a wonderful place to stay, relax and have a blast in the heart of the mountains.
For more information or to book the Welcome Home Package, visit www.HomesteadResort.com or call 866-937-6288.
To learn more about Zermatt Resort, be sure to visit them online.
*We were guests of Zermatt Resort to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.

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