Visiting Kennedy Space Center–Out of this World Experience

Last month, it was 85 degrees in Florida.  We were loving life and enjoying an awesome family vacation that included a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. We were staying in Orlando and were pleasantly surprised to learn that it was only a little over an hour’s drive away to take in this exciting destination located at Cape Canaveral. We were invited to experience the center and all it had to offer and I have to tell you, it was worth the drive.

Our family is all interested in space exploration, so the Kennedy Space Center was a great place to go.  Even if you don’t think you are overly interested in space, you will quickly find yourself fascinated by all the exhibits and stations.  The center is very well done, with tons of interesting things to learn and artifacts on display.

For little ones, the center is really great, as there are lots of hands on activities.  My kids loved the Angry Birds Space Encounter.  This hot spot had so many things for kids to do.  Run through a laser maze, literally throw angry birds at targets with slingshots, find their way through a mirrored labyrinth and more.  This is very interactive and tons of fun.

A definite highlight of our trip to Kennedy Space Center was the NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis experience.  Here we were introduced to the background of Atlantis through a movie and then ushered into a gigantic hanger where Atlantis was housed and we could see it up close.  Over 60 interactive exhibits are featured here, including some really incredible simulators where you can go see what it is like to be lifted off into space in a shuttle.  My kids loved this!  There is also a very gigantic slide that was a blast to go down.

You can literally spend all day here, as the grounds are very extensive.  You can take bus rides to explore the grounds, drive your car throughout the complex to the different buildings, take in a couple IMAX movies, eat lunch with an astronaut, and see where the shuttles are actually launched into space. It is so family friendly, as there are so many things to do to interest the kids.  It truly is an out of this world experience that every member of the family will love. We would most definitely come back to experience it again and highly recommend it to you!

To plan your own visit, check out their website.Image

We were invited to visit the center to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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