Dancing Away the Winter Blues

(Advertorial) I’m sure there are many of us out there that resolved to lose weight once the new year arrived. I am certainly one of those people.  Over the holidays my weight loss stalled and I needed a jump start to start exercising and losing weight again.  I dislike running and with weather like we’ve had in the negative digits, I am not willing to go outside because I am just not that way!  However, I was sent a copy of Just Dance 2014 to test out on the new XBox One our family received for Christmas and my son and I decided it was a great time to break out the game and see what it was all about.


We popped in the disc and before we knew it and hour and a half had gone by and there were four of us dancing and laughing in our living room.  This game is so much fun! Loaded with songs like “I Will Survive,” “Ghostbusters,” “Applause,” and “What a Feeling,” we had so much fun dancing to the upbeat tempos.  I loved the old school music I grew up with, and so did my kids, and we also enjoyed brand new current songs on the radio that my kids knew so well.  As you play, you continue to unlock new songs, keeping it fun. It was an absolute blast!

The cool thing about Just Dance 2014 on XBox One is that no controllers are necessary.  Everything is done with cameras and you can use your hand to select the songs you would like on the screen.  Our favorite part was the instant replay of us all dancing to the songs.  It was hysterical!  My kids are frequently wanting to play it now, which is awesome to get them moving instead of staying stationary playing a regular video game. You definitely work up a sweat, too, keeping up with the moves on screen and competing with one another.  After we were done, I logged it onto My Fitness Pal and found that I had burned almost 600 calories!  Needless to say, when the kids have been in school, I have been playing this every day!  This was exactly what I needed to kick start my weight loss and I am already down five pounds in a week!

This game is really fun, everyone in our family thinks so, and I would highly recommend it to you.  You can pick up your own copy online or at major retailers everywhere.


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