Does Frozen Live Up To The Hype?



There is a high likelihood that everyone on this planet has seen Disney’s Frozen by now….and up until last night, I might have been the only one left to see it.  I have been hearing people rave about it for months, as I am sure you have, as well.  We received a copy of the new release from Disney this week to check out, so we sat down to enjoy this new story.

frozen pic

Immediately, I was blown away with the animation.  The details were absolutely incredible and stunning.  Truly, the movie is worth watching just for the imagery alone.  In the movie, we are introduced to Elsa and Anna, two sisters that have very different outlooks on life.  Once very good friends, an event in their past leaves Elsa ostracized and her magical powers hidden from her sister and those in her kingdom.  Several years after her parent’s death, Elsa is to become the queen and a celebration ensues. At the celebration, Anna meets her “true love” and in becoming engaged, enrages her sister.

Elsa’s powers are revealed to those in her kingdom and she escapes. Anna, in turn, begins an icy pursuit to bring her back.  In Elsa’s rage, a blizzard of epic proportions comes to the kingdom.  Anna must save the kingdom and her sister.

We learn some very interesting and untraditional lessons in Frozen, making it a great movie to watch.  The voice talents of Broadway sensation Idina Menzel playing Elsa, are especially enjoyable when she sings the ever popular song  “Let It Go.” I love the setting of the movie, with it’s Scandinavian feel.  We are also introduced to some very lovable characters that will warm your heart.

You can pick up your own copy on Blu-ray, newly released this week, at retailers everywhere.  The Blu-ray is loaded with tons of extra features that fans will love to indulge in.

Can’t get enough Frozen fun?  Check out these activities!
Download Frozen Activities

*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. I love this movie! Disney outdid themselves, breaking out of the traditional molds of the female lead needing a man to be happy, and having a non-traditional family. Kudos. Add to that the powerful vocals of Idina Menzel just puts Frozen to the top of my favorite Disney list.

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