Chelsea Market

We were invited to a fun event this past Saturday and had a few minutes to spend before it began.  We found ourselves inside Chelsea Market.  I can’t believe that after living near the city for 10 years, I hadn’t ever stepped foot inside.  While the shops and vendors were incredible, I was blown away by the market itself.  A couple pictures of some of the cool things within the market.  I will definitely be back to visit the shops!





    • Thank you, Kim! I wish I could say it was a fancy camera, which I do have, but most of the time I forget to take it with me. These are from my iPhone! You would love New York, always something new to explore.
      Have a great week, too!

  1. I visit NYC every other year because my mom’s family is there and we ALWAYS go to Chelsea Market now. I love the little restaurants and the ice cream place at the end!

  2. We’ve lived in the same city for almost 25 years and last night, for the first time, we went to a theater 8 miles away from us. There is so much around us that is so close that we can do more of.

  3. This looks like an interesting place to visit. I know this might be a funny question for you but what exactly is the Chelsea Market? I’ve been to New York a few times and if I ever get back up there again, it might be a place of interest to me.

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