Shout it From the Rooftops, We Love Hotel Giraffe!

We had the pleasure of being invited* to stay at two of the Library Hotel Collection establishments this past week during our mini vacation to New York City. The first, the Casablanca Hotel, was a fantastic experience that we would love to repeat again. Knowing how much we loved it, I wasn’t sure what we would think of the Hotel Giraffe, the destination of our second night in the city.

Located in a completely different part of the city, we packed our bags and worked our way to 26th Street and Park Avenue. This is a beautiful part of the city that we haven’t really explored before, so we were looking forward to discovering more about it.

Upon arrival to the Hotel Giraffe, we found it to be very modern, sleek and sophisticated. It has the very same concept of the Casablanca Hotel, offering guests free wi-fi, complimentary continental breakfast, wine and cheese evening reception and snacks 24 hours a day, which are great options that every traveler wants. Once again, we found extremely courteous and friendly staff that knew our names!

We knew there was a rooftop terrace at the top of the hotel, so we went to check it out right away. It was gorgeous and offered pretty views of the city, including the Armory, where the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is filmed. I loved being able to see the different buildings and enjoy fresh air while relaxing on this rooftop oasis. A fun bonus for Sex and the City fans, the windows on the rooftop look into Mr. Big’s penthouse apartment. I knew they looked familiar!



Our hotel room was stunning. It felt as if we had an entire apartment, rather than just a room. Walking in, there was a living area with pull out sofa for sleeping, a TV and stereo system (not something you see in hotels often) and windows overlooking the city. Walking down the hallway, there were glass and wood doors that led to a luxurious bathroom on the left and a spacious closet on the right to store luggage. That’s where we also found robes and slippers (something my boys adored at Casablanca). There was a separate door at the end of the hallway that led to the very large bedroom. The king sized bed was loaded with soft pillows and was very inviting to sit back and relax. There was also a wall of windows offering city views. On the opposite wall from the bed was a large desk, TV, and closet.



Views from my hotel window

I loved the colors in the room, dark woods, granite countertops, glass doorways, and rich paints. Very simple, yet elegant. I love the style of the hotel room! We felt comfortable and relaxed in our surroundings and knew we were in for a wonderful stay.

Outside of the hotel were tons of restaurants, Madison Square Park, beautiful buildings and a quieter setting offering a completely different New York City experience than the one we had in Times Square.

As I mentioned before, a complimentary wine and cheese reception are offered in the lobby from 5-8pm. As we were leaving the hotel for our evening activities, we were able to stop by and listen to the lovely live piano music and try some cheese before heading out. The atmosphere was very laid back and many hotel patrons were there, chatting with one another and enjoying some down time.

After we had come back to the hotel for the evening, we were able to unwind and relax as if we were not in the city that never sleeps.  We had very quiet rooms, equipped with sound machines, if needed, and the comfortable beds and bedding had us asleep in no time.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Giraffe and would definitely stay there again.  We loved the neighborhood, loved the accommodations, and our stay was definitely a memorable one.  I highly recommend staying in this hotel to you!  To learn more about the Hotel Giraffe, or any of  the other Library Hotel Collection hotels, visit them online.

*we were invited to stay in the hotel to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like a great place to visit. Right in the heart of the action. I’ll have to keep this hotel in mind next time I travel up north.

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