You never know what you will find in Times Square on any given day. Costumed characters, naked cowboys, women with nothing but body paint on…you just never know. One thing you can always count on is for there to be something going on. Last week, we happened upon an art installation called Nearness. This is a collection of chain link fences with body cutouts of every shape and size outlined in a blazing orange color.

So interesting to see people posing in them and talking about it and to happen upon it in the busy streets of New York City.  Interested in seeing them for yourself?  They will be in Times Square through August 18th.  Check out more info about the artist and art installation here.



  1. I love NYC, there is always something to do and always some new thing to see. This is a cool piece!

  2. These kinds of things draw the crowd in. I’m sure photos of people who have seen these are everywhere in Facebook, IG, and other social networks. This is so cool!

  3. That looks neat. I love abstract art pieces. I sometimes love times square….and sometimes I hate it. 🙂

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