American Girl dolls are great, I always love the positivity the brand promotes. Newly re-introduced late last month, I am absolutely loving the new world American Girl has brought to the masses, BeForever.

What is the significance of the BeForever line?  They are a collection of historical dolls, books and accessories that connect girls living in the world today with inspiring characters and timeless stories from America’s past.  So girls are able to find their place in the present, explore the past through these characters, and thing about the possibilities the future can bring.  How inspiring!  I am a big history buff and feel it is so important for young children to learn about history.  It’s not just names and dates, there are lives, experiences, dreams and events that took place, not too different from our own.  It’s so cool to me that American Girl doll recognizes this and wants to influence young girls for good.

The BeForever line of dolls include eight girls, each from a different place in history.  Kaya, Caroline, Josefina, Addy, Samantha, Rebecca, Kit, and Julie.  Each of their stories are different, yet, each one shows girls the shared interests, shared challenges, and shared dreams that tie children from all times together.

In addition to the dolls, each has their own book to help girls learn more about their lives.  Newly introduced this year is a new book series called BeForever Journey Books.  These are for girls that love adventure and brings the characters to life in a relatable way.

As part of the reintroduction of the BeForever line, American Girl favorite Samantha has been re-released.  She first appeared in 1986 and now girls today can enjoy this gorgeous doll and her heroic story.

I received one of these dolls to check out* and she is just as great as other dolls from American Girl I have had the pleasure to see.  Samantha Parkington has beautiful shiny chestnut brown hair and dark brown eyes that sparkle. Dressed in a light pink dress adorned with lace, mesh fabric, and red sash and adorable black Mary Janes, she looks the part of little girl from 1904.  She even comes with a necklace and red velvet purse! She is so sweet!


I love the high quality of American Girl dolls and this newly released Samantha is an update on a classic doll, beautifully done.  You can find more about Samantha Parkington by visiting American Girl online.  Now is a great time to pick up this sweet doll, as the holidays are just around the corner!

*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.