Baking Up a Storm

I can’t be the only one that finds that the fall through January has me busy baking in the kitchen. There is always some sort of party, activity, birthday, or friends coming over that makes it so that I am always baking cookies, brownies, cakes or breads. That’s ok, I really enjoying baking (cooking, not so much!)

The flavors of fall are begging to be added to food and I love the aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon apples in my kitchen!

With the help of some fantastic products I received from Cake Boss*, I am set to tackle any baking request that comes my way!  I was able to receive these baking products to ease the task of baking preparation and I share them with you today because you will want to own each and every one of these for your own home use!

These Cake Boss melamine mixing bowls are durable and get the job done.  Whether I need a big bowl or many small ones, there is a size perfect for what I need.  They are sturdy, with a rubber bottom ring to grip to the counter.  Cascading sizes allow them to stack in the cupboard for easy storage.  And they have the fun colorful whimsy icing design on the outside and a solid color on the inside of the bowl.  I love the pop of color!  In addition to the 3 big bowls are 4 small prep bowls, which are perfect for gathering ingredients or for toppings for decorating cookies!  I love this set and use it all the time!

Cake boss mixing bowls

Once I have mixed my batter for cookies, I wouldn’t attempt baking on anything other than these babies! These Cake Boss Deluxe Cookie Pans are the best kitchen accessory ever!  They both have incredibly smooth non-stick surfaces which is essential for cookie baking, but another added bonus is that there are outlines of where you should line your dough up for the perfect shaped and spaced cookies.  Perfect cookies every time!  This is really nice for me, but it’s also great when you are trying to teach your kids how to bake.  The regular size (10 inch x 15 inch) is great, but I personally like the extra large (11 inch x 17 inch) as it gives you just that much more space to get a few more cookies baked at once.

cake boss cookie pans

And just for fun–this is something that every mom who loves Halloween should have.  Your kids will love baking up individual ghost cakes and decorating them.  Who knows, maybe you can start a new Halloween tradition and each year decorate cakes to take to friends and neighbors.  Much like the cookie pans, this Cake Boss Ghost Cakelette pan is non-stick and creates the perfect ghostly ghoul cakelette.  They are the perfect size, detailed and adorable! Imagine the thrill on the faces of all the kids in your child’s elementary class when these arrive at their Halloween celebration!

Cake Boss Ghost Cakelette pan

I am very impressed with Cake Boss baking products and am looking forward to adding more to my kitchen to help with all my baking needs throughout the year.  I highly recommend them to you!  You can purchase these, as well as many others, Cake Boss products online.


* I received these products to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.


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