Holidays in Orlando…Antojitos

After a fun-filled day in the parks at Universal Orlando Resort, we had the pleasure of being invited* to come and eat dinner at one of City Walk’s newest restaurants, Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food.  Mexican food is one of our favorite cuisines and we were very excited to get to try it out!


City Walk is the area surrounding Universal Orlando Resort.  There are lots of shops, entertainment and dining to be found here.  A very hip and fun atmosphere exists here and we love it.  Antojitos fits right in to that atmosphere.  Upon walking into the restaurant, the decor is very appealing, the aromas of food are enticing, and the staff is very welcoming.

I don’t drink alcohol, so I can’t tell you much about their alcoholic drink selection other than it is quite extensive, but I can tell you about the most delicious drink I started out with. The Aguas Frescas are unique water infusions that are to die for! There a few different flavors to try, but the one I tired was made with  rice and cinnamon.  It was slightly sweet, refreshing flavor that was so complimentary to my meal.

aguas frescas


We were immediately served hot and fresh chips and salsa.  I can always tell so much about a Mexican restaurant by the salsa.  If it tastes bottled, you know it isn’t a high quality place.  Antojitos had excellent salsa!  The perfect spice, texture and flavor.  We were excited to try everything else at that point.  We ordered  table side guacamole for our appetizer and within a couple of minutes, we had the most friendly server preparing the guacamole to our tastes right in front of us.  I really liked that you could select from several different ingredients.  One that they offer are Manzinilla olives.  The thought seemed strange to me, because I had never heard of olives in guacamole before, but we decided to be adventurous and try it.  I am so glad we did, it was incredible! Definitely the best guacamole I’ve ever had!

guacamole 2

The menu at Antojitos is great.  Lots of unique plates.  Some traditional fare with some twists, and some unusual meals, as well.  I decided to try a plate that would offer many flavors so I could get a good idea of what the restaurant was all about.   I ordered the Combinacion Maya.  This meal consisted of a pork tamale topped with beef machaca, enchilada verde, and a sweet chili ancho with carnets and picked onions.  I normally always pick chili rellanos and enchiladas, and tamales are one of my favorites, but they are hard to find quality ones in restaurants.  This was an excellent choice on my part because each of these items were loaded with intense flavor.  Seriously, this was the best tamale I’ve ever had.  The green chile and chicken enchilada was so tender and flavorful, each bite was to be savored.  The sweet ancho chili?  Simply amazing!  I should also add that my meal was served with black beans and rice, which were also so tasty.

Combinacion Maya


Our server highly recommended the Pork Roast Loin for my husband.  This dish consists of a slow roasted pork loin in cilantro mojo.  It is served with boniato mash (which is like a white sweet potato), black beans, and roasted pineapple.  He was thrilled with her recommendation, as it was absolutely divine.

Pork roast

My oldest son loved the Chicken Tinga tacos.  The chicken was served in a chipotle pepper sauce and pineapple salsa and queso fresco.  He liked being able to create his own tacos at the table.  The chicken is so good!

Chicken Tinga

In addition to a fantastic adult menu, Antojitos also has a fun kids menu.  My kids enjoyed their selections from this menu.  They could choose cheese quesadillas, empenadas, or tacos.  They loved the quesadillas and tacos. The serving sizes were still really good size.  Perfect for kids that had been busy playing in the park all day!

Beef tacos


We easily could have ended the night with these superb meals.  We were more than satisfied!  But, when you have a dessert selection that looks as good as Antojitos, it’s smart to take advantage of the opportunity to try one or two.  I am the biggest fan of flan that I know, but was blown away at the cheese flan that I ordered.  So different and so much better than the traditional vanilla flan, this dessert just melted in your mouth.  The flavors were perfect and the berries on top and peach and mango garnish on the side, served with mini sopapillas proved to be the best dessert I’ve had in ages.  Equally delicious were the tres leche and caramelized banana bread pudding that we tried.  There was something for everyone.  So glad we decided to try dessert!


Having grown up in Colorado, Mexican food is a staple in my diet.  I love it and trust me, I know what good Mexican food is like.  Antojitos could be one of the best Mexican restaurants I have ever been to.  My one complaint about the restaurant is that it only has one location and that location isn’t where I live!  But, we do go to Florida enough to make it at least once a year, and we will certainly be making a trip back, with Antojitos high on my list of places to visit while we are there!

When in Orlando, be sure to make a trip to this wonderful restaurant. Beyond excellent food and service is found here, you won’t be disappointed!, Learn more about Antojitos by visiting them online.

*We were invited to eat at Antojitos to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.

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