Holidays in Orlando…SeaWorld

This last weekend, my family and I took a very fun trip to Orlando!  We have been going to Orlando for the last four years, as there is so much to see and do there.  One of our favorite traditions is to go to SeaWorld to join in their Christmas celebrations. We were guests of this popular destination as they kicked off their Christmas Celebration for December.

SeaWorld orlando

I remember visiting SeaWorld Orlando my very first time four years ago.  I was sure it would be neat to see, but probably not unlike an aquarium. Once you have been to an aquarium, you have pretty much seen all there is to see at one.  My thinking couldn’t have been further from what we actually found there! Each time we visit, we are amazed at all SeaWorld offers.

Walking into the park, we were greeted with cheerful holiday tunes and festive decorations, including a gigantic Christmas tree.  We were excited to find several rides for the kids throughout the park.  Manta, Kraken, and Journey to Atlantis are some of our children’s very favorite rides in theme parks. They love to ride them multiple times each trip. Each area we passed, we encountered different animals–flamingos, sea turtles, dolphins, walruses, otters, sea lions, Beluga whales, sharks, and much more.  We could touch sting rays and dolphins!  The dolphins were amazing to watch.  So very graceful and pretty, it was great to be so close to them.

We also enjoyed a the show, “O Wondrous Night” the Greatest Story Never Told.  This production featured over 30 spirited Christmas songs as it narrated the birth of Jesus, told from the perspective of live animals.  This was a fantastic performance that we thoroughly enjoyed and love to experience each holiday season.

SeaWorld Polar Express Christmas Tree

Shopping, dining, and more special shows, including a Sesame Street show for younger audiences could be found throughout the park.  There was so much to do!  We ventured over to the Polar Express Experience, a 4D ride which was so much fun! Upon our exit of the ride, we were led through a hallway that pumped the delicious aroma of hot chocolate all around us.  We found our way to the Beluga whales and walls of snow that showcased a beautiful Christmas tree and Santa with his sleigh.  Our children were able to visit Santa after riding the Polar Express, which was definitely a highlight of the night.

beluga whales

SeaWorld killer whale

To end our visit, we went to see Shamu’s Christmas Celebration, a performance of killer whales set to lights and music.  This is what SeaWorld is known for, but seeing this live is unlike anything I have ever done.  Some of my boys sat on the front row of the aquarium and were soaked from some of the tricks the killer whales played.  They loved it!  These animals are so majestic and gentle, despite their capabilities.  They were so well trained.  This show was a must-see to top off our absolutely amazing experience at SeaWorld Orlando, and I would recommend that you see a whale show no matter what when you visit. As we watched the show, fireworks were set off in the night sky in front of us.  Such a spectacular sight!

seaworld sea of trees

I can’t rave about our experience at SeaWorld enough!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and during our visit, we felt the magic of Christmas all around us.  It was so incredible.  I noticed the park grounds are always immaculate.  The animals appear to be so happy, too. The staff is so helpful and friendly.  It is a wonderful place to be. I highly recommend a visit to SeaWorld Orlando, you won’t be disappointed!

To book your trip to SeaWorld Orlando, visit their website.  You will have a wonderful time with your family, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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