2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As a mom to four boys, I think I have a pretty good handle of what it is like to be a mom.  It’s fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I’m always asked what the best gifts to get a mom for Mother’s Day would be and while I am very much the kind of mom that says nothing, or just a day with my family, etc., etc., I will readily admit that I wouldn’t be sad if I were to get any of the following treats*for my special day (of course all the while still being surrounded by my wonderful family!)

Rouge  While I would not consider myself a girly-girl, I do very much enjoy looking pretty and having my makeup done.  I had the ultimate experience in a little Soho establishment called Rouge.  This beauty bar was an amazing way to spend 45 minutes getting the “total polish”.  Wonderful make up artists can transform an everyday girl into a glam version of herself in a short amount of time.  The experience was completely serene and relaxing and one I would love to have on a regular basis!  Whether it is a special occasion, job interview, or just a night out on the town with your favorite guy,  Rouge is the answer!  Playing up your best features is  a special talent of the make up artists and my specialist, Dana, did a fantastic job creating a gorgeous personalized look for me that made my blue eyes look amazing!

Rouge offers the best monthly package called the C-Suite that I would love to get.  For $250, you can get unlimited services at Rouge.  Come in to do your makeup as much as you would like (in the morning and at night, if you would like) waxing services, eyelash extensions, lash and brow tinting and so much more.  This is an awesome deal if you live near the salon and can take advantage of the frequent use, as it more than pays for itself after a couple of services.  I highly recommend going to Rouge to feel pampered and beautiful.  What mom doesn’t want to feel that way? Find out more about Rouge and schedule services by visiting www.rougeny.com.




We all know that flowers are a traditional gift for mothers everywhere, and of course we love getting them, but how about a very fun spin on the long standing go-to gift on everyone’s list?  Check out these gorgeous blossoms.  Lovely, right?  A potted plant is so nice to get….especially when it actually is a cake!  Yes, you read that correctly, this beauty is every bit edible!  I love how realistic it is.  In fact, it was so realistic that when I opened the package, I truly thought it was a potted plant, you couldn’t tell it was a cake!  Speaking of packaging, I’ve never seen something packed so well.  I would worry that a cake wouldn’t make it through the mail, but it arrived in perfect condition.  Make sure to take lots of pictures of this wonderful arrangement before digging in, though.  It’s sad to cut into it, but you get over that quickly when you taste the yummy vanilla cake, vanilla mousse and raspberry preserve filling.  Absolutely delectable!  You can pick up your own customized flowerpot cake at Made in Heaven Cakes.   These cakes have been seen in Oprah, at Barney’s on a cake for Christian Louboutin’s birthday, featured in NYMag Weddings, and at events for Ramy Brooks, Ellen Tracy, and the list goes on!  This is a cake that will be talked about long after Mother’s Day is over!


Breathe Easy is a unique salt room that offers total relaxation and salt therapy for people of all ages.  Walk into the room and you will find walls made of Himalayan salt bricks and pink salt that looks like sand on the ground, and salt lamps lighting the room. Breathing in a concentrated ground up salt through the filters in the room allows the healing effects of the salt to take place in your body and on your skin.  It is a great treatment for acne, eczema, allergies and colds.  I myself was suffering from bad seasonal allergies, barely able to breathe through my nose, itchy, and uncomfortable from headaches and after spending some time in the salt room, I could feel my sinuses clearing and since that time, my allergies have seriously calmed down. I am a believer because nothing was helping with my allergies this year and I could see such a difference immediately following my session.

You leave the session relaxed and feeling really great.  You can see a difference after one session or you can purchase an inexpensive package for continual health and wellness, which I would definitely recommend.

Breathe Easy is located adjacent to Oasis Day Spa on Park Avenue.  Oasis Day Spa is also a place I would love to visit and they are making a visit there for Mother’s Day super appealing.  Right now Moms can indulge in a 30 minute body scrub, 60 minute Eminence Organic Facial, and a 60 minute aromatherapy massage at a special rate.  To book one of these specials, visit Oasis Day Spa.



Drybar  Along the lines of Rouge as a makeup salon, the Drybar is a salon dedicated to hair styling.  No cuts, colors, or anything other than shampoo, conditioning and blow out.  But this salon is sure to make you feel like a queen in no time.  You can book an appointment to have your hair styled with a scalp massage (heaven on earth!) at any of the locations near you.  But, if you can’t make it into the salon, you can actually purchase their luxurious products to use at home!  Moms everywhere will love the decadent Royal Treatment. I am infatuated with this kit that boasts a mini sake bomb shampoo and conditioner, a mudslide nourishing hair mask, hot toddy heat protectant, and 100 proof treatment oil.  Each product smells amazing and leaves your hair so soft and touchable.  This is a great gift to receive!

The Royal Treatment Kit

Yankee Candle Moms everywhere need downtime to relax.  One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is lighting a candle that smells amazing to relax me and help me unwind.  But, I still need to get things done, so I love to light Yankee Candles while I am working so I can take in the fragrance and enjoy a nice smelling home.  Yankee Candle never disappoints me, as they have so many incredible selections.  Perfect for Mother’s Day are the fresh spring scents of Picnic in the Park and Red Raspberry.  Picnic in the Park could be my new favorite scent.  So fresh and soothing, this reminds you of those carefree days of playing out in the yard as a kid. Red Raspberry is simply delicious, too, and I can’t get enough of it.  Find the perfect candle for mom at Yankee Candle online or at a location near you, you can never go wrong with these amazing candles as a gift!

red raspberrypicnic

Gel Pro  Like most moms, I spend a ton of time in the kitchen preparing meals for my family.  Sometimes standing for a long time really takes its toll on my feet.  However, all of that pain can be alleviated by using the gel pro mat in my kitchen.  This anti-fatigue mat is the best! For someone that has to spend a lot of time standing, this cushioned mat is like a massage for your feet.  It’s a must-have for every home and mom! I love that you can pick a mat that matches just about every decor.  I love the gel pro elite vintage leather pattern in slate for my kitchen. The size is perfect for the coverage I need by my counters and the soothing gel filling is the best! Now is the time to purchase a mat of your liking, as there is a sale offering 20% discounts!


Emile Henry While we are talking about spending time in the kitchen, a wonderful gift for me is when I cook a meal and it turns out really well and my family enjoys it. For all the time it takes to prepare a home-cooked meal, there is never anything worse than when it doesn’t turn out well! I have not had that problem with any meal I have made using Emile Henry products.  Everything turns out amazingly well.  A new line of incredibly well made French products have arrived at Emile Henry and I am so excited to try them out!  I love bread and now with the  baguette maker I can make rustic bread at home.  Who knew how incredibly simple this could be?  It turns out just the right texture with a crisp crust thanks to the vented ceramic lid that creates the right amount of humidity to bake the baguette to perfection!  Yum!


Ruby Ribbon Now nothing makes a woman feel like a million bucks faster than wearing  a killer outfit.  So treat mom to some new threads from Ruby Ribbon! I am absolutely loving this black lace dress to wear over  the new black (or maybe even the rose for a fun pop of color) v-neck slip for summer.  Fun to wear that way or even as a bathing suit cover up.  You have to love a multitasking wardrobe!  It’s very flattering, the length is perfect, and it’s oh-so comfortable! I really love the feel of the materials used in Ruby Ribbon’s clothing.  Another item I adore is the sheer collection full support cami.  The cami and the slip both have an invisible gripper edge which keeps them in place.  They are the best!  So pick out some summer essentials for mom or give her a gift certificate to pick her own. I know I have my eye on quite a few pieces!  She will love their clothing!




Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme A standard gift for mom is perfume.  You really can never go wrong with a new fragrance for mom to  wear.  A new favorite of mine is Eau du Lacoste Pour Femme.  I’m not sure how they continue to get better, as I absolutely adore Eau du Lacoste Sensuelle, but they succeeded in creating a new scent that I can’t get enough of!  So feminine, sophisticated and soft! Every time she wears it she will feel special! The tones of white pineapple, mandarin, bergamot, sandalwood and vanilla, Vetiver and Peru Balsam create a sensational aroma that she will love!


*I received these products to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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