Ant-Man: A Huge Summer Hit


Paul Rudd

This past Thursday, we were invited to get a sneak peek of the latest Marvel film with Ant Man himself, Paul Rudd, in New York City. He was incredibly funny and it was awesome being able to hear his insights on the movie before enjoying it for ourselves.


Being huge Marvel fans, we couldn’t wait to see what was in store.  My comic book fanatic knew all about Ant-Man, however, the rest of us were clueless as to the story line.  We were in for a huge surprise, as the film was jam-packed with action, hilarity, and just great entertainment that the whole family thoroughly enjoyed.

I didn’t honestly expect to really like the movie, as the idea of an ant sized super hero seems funny, but I have since completely changed my opinion, as it was one of the best Marvel films I have seen (and I’ve seen them all!).  This is a great summer hit that needs to be seen in the movie theatre for full effect and one we will also on Blu-ray for watching at home again and again.

And for those going to check it out in the movie theater, stay through the credits as there are some added scenes that will get you quite excited for future films!  Ant-Man is in theaters everywhere now!

To give our Marvel fans some fun this summer, here are some coloring pages and activities to help beat the heat or keep kids busy on a rainy day.



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