Medieval Banquet

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting The Tower of London.  This historical monument was absolutely incredible!  I will share more on that later, but the other side of this medieval structure lies St. Katherine Docks, a great spot for dining on the edge of the River Thames.  Very fitting, giving the setting of the Tower, you can find the Medieval Banquet* here.


Imagine a night being invited to dine with the King and his court, royal performers and the opportunity to be entertained by them.  This is what you have when you walk in the door of the Medieval Banquet.  You are served a typical English meal, made up of several courses, which includes a vegetable soup, bread, appetizers of meat, pate, cheese and vegetables, roasted chicken and potatoes a fruit pie with cream and unlimited juice or beer.  Each course is spaced out between periods of performances, lots of singing from the King and his Queen, acrobatics from court jesters and performers, and even sword fighting.  Patrons also have the opportunity to come and dance with the performers, as if they were part of the festivities.






It’s very interesting to take part in such a night, as it takes you back to a time much different from the one we live in now.  It was a very entertaining and fun night and all around us at the banquet were thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Your entertainment for the evening lasts several hours and ends with a dance party with slightly more modern music, where everyone is on the dance floor!

Upon exiting the venue, you see the Tower of London lit up in the night sky, a perfect way to end such an evening!  You can book your own reservation at Medieval Banquet and learn more about their offerings by visiting their website.



*we were invited to visit to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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