Having Fun With Finding Dory

Summer is officially here and with that comes some free time to get creative and play with the kids.  Have you seen Finding Dory, yet?  It’s in movie theaters everywhere and is really cute!  We were able to see it this past week and we really enjoyed it.

We actually might have found Dory while we were at Mystic Aquarium last week!


We are excited to share with you some great activities from Disney*Pixar inspired by the movie Finding Dory, including recipes, printables, and more.  Check it out! Click on the packet to get your fun started!




Find out how to create a Quesa-Dory, Hankfurters, Nemo Pops, and Crush’s Turtle Shell Peppers for fun snacks and meals that will make your kids want to just keep swimming!











So get the kiddos to have a little bit of fun and check out Finding Dory in theaters everywhere!

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