Celebrate Like a King

We’ve been filling our summer with lots of fun excursions, as we find time.  We were thrilled to get to visit* Medieval Times this month, a visit my kids could not wait to make. What a blast we had!  If you have never gone, this is one activity that is a must do!!!

I had no idea what to expect when coming to the show.  I never really thought this would be my cup of tea.  We got reservations for the 7:00pm show and arrived early for the festivities beforehand. You can arrive 90 minutes before the show starts to tour the castle.  We walked in the door and were greeted by guards, escorted to where you get your tickets, and each of us received our table number and a crown, with a corresponding color to the knight which we are to root for during the show.  We were given the red and yellow knight.  Once your crown color has been announced, you are allowed into the castle. Until that point, you can go inside to wait. There are a few bars and tables to sit and relax, as well as many souvenir shops.  You can buy anything your little guys could ever want related to the time period–costumes, swords, flags, banners, dragons and all sorts of knick knacks.  There are walls of swords on display, which was fun to look at.  We were able to witness a few knighting ceremonies with the King.  There were also booths to do face painting.  The atmosphere is really exciting and fun.

Medieval Times



All of the while, the anticipation is building as to what the show will be like.  Once it was time, we were separated by crown color and escorted to our seats.  There is an arena like feel to the seating, with tables and rows of seats facing the floor.  There isn’t a bad seat there, so no matter where you sit, you will be able to see and hear perfectly.

table setting at Medieval Times

Once we were shown our seats, our servers immediately came by and began serving our meal in their respective courses.  I really had no idea what to expect from the meal.  I, for one, am not crazy about eating with my hands, but as my kids  pointed out, that just added to the fun and spirit of the show. This meal is completely utensil free!  In the end, it really did add to the fun. The meal consisted of a really yummy tomato bisque soup with garlic bread, 1/2 chicken, barbeque rib, and an herbed baked potato.  For dessert, a hot apple turnover.  The food was delicious!  The chicken was so tender, it just fell off the bone!  I thought the food would be a little iffy for my boys, but they absolutely loved it!

knights at Medieval Times

Medieval Times NJ

The show was spectacular!  High quality acting and amazing theatrics.  Lots of action, sword fights and the horses were well trained.  Whenever I was able to take my eyes off the show and glance at my family, every one was grinning ear to ear.  We loved having a knight to cheer for and a bad guy to boo at.  My kids loved that they could be so vocal and interactive with the show.

Great food, dancing horses, flying falcons, and a thrilling action packed ending to the show–we absolutely loved every minute of it!

If you get the chance, definitely take the time to take your family to this show, it was so fun and the kids are still talking about it!  Very family friendly and worth every penny of the admission price.

For more information and to book your very own reservation go to their website.  Right now,take advantage of Summer Fun Savings, as seats are as low as $39.95 per person.  You definitely want to take advantage of this price while you can.

For additional savings, if you have a Kids Stuff book from the fundraisers at school, there are valuable coupons inside!

Medieval Times New Jersey is located at 149 Polito Avenue, Lyndhurst, New Jersey 07071.


*we were invited to attend a show at Medievel Times to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.

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