We’re Ready For Season 2!

We quickly became huge fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things this past year and have eagerly been awaiting the premiere of Season 2, which arrives on Netflix today.  So last night, we binge watched the first season in anticipation of today.  We can’t wait until the whole family is able to sit down this weekend and watch it!

We found some great items* from some favorite Etsy shops to create the atmosphere we wanted for our Stranger Things viewing party.

We started to set the mood  by setting up a banner and this awesome one fit the bill perfectly. Etsy shop MaterialGods did an amazing job creating the infamous alphabet banner.  I love the sparkling lights and satin ribbon that run through the banner.  It’s a very sturdy and reusable garland, especially perfect for our Stranger Things party. I wonder if anyone will be communicating with us from the Upside Down through it?  Straight from the United Kingdom, I would happily shop MaterialGods for any upcoming party needs because they were so great to work with!


Look how great this hat is from SweetGyrlDesigns.  My son is a huge Dustin fan and naturally decided to be him for Halloween.  This is the perfect addition to his costume and fun to wear in general.  I love the awesome pins, also available on her Etsy shop, that  reference the show.  Working with Anne from the shop was an absolute pleasure and the products we received were very high quality.

Stranger Things hat

Stranger Things pins

We wanted to create some ambience, so lighting these hand-poured soy candles were perfect.  Scents in Eleven (sweet smelling, like syrup and waffles–get it because she loves Eggos), Demogorgan (dragon’s blood incense), and Upside Down (mint, licorice, and moss) were freakishly accurate.  When burning the Upside Down, we were amazed that shop owner could create such a unique smell that totally captured what our imaginations envisioned it to be.  I’m not sure how, but she really managed to create smells that took me back to my childhood, via Stranger Things.  They are awesome and so impressive!  I’d love to smell her Harry Potter themed ones.  I highly recommend purchasing your own candles from Etsy Shop GeekNest .




We made some snacks–cupcakes with mini Eggos on them for fun.  We also wrapped some Hershey Miniatures in these adorable mini candy bar wrappers from Etsy shop WildFoxWrappers. Seriously.  How cute are they?  Each little wrapper has a different depiction of Stranger Things characters or items.  They are very easy to put on your own candy bars. Absolutely perfect for our get together! Check out her shop for lots of other cool wrappers.  Great idea for birthday parties!


Before we got started with watching the series, we printed off some super fun printables from Etsy Shop PaperConfete.  You can purchase and download instantly the party kit, which has an alphabet banner, cupcake toppers, photo props, and more.  It was a lot of fun taking photos with these printables to get us all amped for the show.  Great quality items here!

Stranger Things printable photo props

We had a great time prepping for our watching party and enjoying the first season.  You won’t hear from me this weekend, as we will hopefully be getting to watch the new season.  Have you watched it?  What did you think?


*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.


  1. We are going to a Stranger Things watch party on Sunday! I can’t wait! Love these Etsy products… I definitely want to smell those candles!

  2. Brilliant series wasn’t it? Can’t wait to see the second one but unfortunately will have to wait for a few months as we’re off travelling. Something to look forward to I guess.

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