One of my very favorite ways to spend a summer day is to visit New York City.  There is always so much to see and do.  When guests come to visit, I know we will always be making a trip in to show them the sights.  Something that every visitor (and native) love to do is a see a great show on or off-Broadway.

This past week we took our 15 and 13-year olds to see* STOMP at the Orpheum Theatre in NYC. This show has been going strong since the early 1990’s, so we even though we had not seen it before, we knew we would be in for a treat.



stomp program.jpg

From the first sketch they were hooked. The performers made percussive sounds with everyday items you’d find in and around your house and at the hardware store.  They used push brooms, zippo lighters, tractor tires, kitchen sinks filled with water, trash can lids, shopping carts—the list goes on…  There was even audience participation at times during the show!!!


Our teens liked the newspaper sketch the best—it was a blast to watch!  There was unexpected humor throughout that had the whole audience laughing and clapping.  The performers used the entire stage from floor to ceiling and side to side.  The show was around an hour and a half with no intermission, so prepare beforehand.  It was a bit noisy at times, but not for too long.

We loved the originality, wit, humor, sights, sounds and rhythm! It’s a riotous adventure for all ages, and should be included on your list of shows to see! There’s great restaurants close by to try out before and after the show, and plenty of parking nearby if you drive into the city. You can learn more about STOMP by visiting their website and booking your own tickets for a great show in the city.


*we were invited to see the show to facilitate a review, all opinions are our own.

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