It’s a Small World After All

If you’re looking for an attraction as charming as this classic Disney ride, you’ve come to the right place. This past month, my boys and I were invited* to visit Gulliver’s Gate, a new interactive exhibit found right off New York’s Times Square. Gulliver’s Gate takes the world around us, that we know and love, and manages to shrink it into a very “small world” and displays this through multiple cities in a fun size format. This was the perfect museum for us. My son is fascinated with geography and various cultures, so he especially enjoyed this as he could essentially travel around the world without ever having to leave the building. His favorite spots were definitely the World Trade Center site in New York, and his latest bucket list destination, Rome.



When we first arrived to the museum, each of us were given an interactive metal key, and were told that at various points around the exhibits were keyholes that would unlock special features. I won’t tell you too much about these features, but if you visit be sure to unlock the Niagara Falls and Scotland key holes – you might see some familiar faces!



As you go throughout the museum, there are certain aspects that we thought were especially fun. For example, did you know that many of the figurines of these cities are actual people! Gulliver’s Gate offers this additional option to have your person scanned and shrunk down into a mini figurine that will be placed in one of these exhibits. This makes the museum even more personal and allowed us to connect to these cities even more.



All in all, Gulliver’s Gate is the perfect escape for both tourists and locals alike. This globetrotting excursion will be sure to feed your travel urges and gives you detailed sneak peaks of these places all without having to pack a suitcase!

You can purchase your own tickets (timed tickets are available to make the experience better for everyone) by visiting their website.  I can’t wait to hear what you think of Gulliver’s Gate!


*we were invited to visit to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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