Back To School

Back to School

This summer flew by, didn’t it? I’ve been jam packed this summer with major to-do lists because my oldest is headed off to college!  I don’t know how that is happening already! I also have kids in high school and middle school and as much as I don’t want to admit it, it’s time to start thinking about getting all our gear together to prep them for a great new school year.  Here are some of the essentials we have found this year.


Screen_Shot_2018_07_12_at_2.38.40_PM.0Macbook Pro–well, this one was definitely top of the list for the college-bound kid.  It’s my favorite  laptop, by far, and if you had to spend that kind of money right now, at least Apple is making it a little more tolerable by throwing in a free pair of Beats in some custom colors. This machine will let your student do everything they could possibly need to do and then some.  Be sure to check out the student discounts and promotions available from Apple going until September 25, 2018.


We are trekking clear across the country for move-in day and, let me tell you, that’s a challenge!  We can’t take everything we need with us on the plane, and obviously, we will be gathering bigger items at our end destination.  But what about all those things you want to take with you from home to the dorm?  With airline limits in luggage, it seems a little hard to do.  That’s where Luggage Free comes in.  This amazing service enables you to send your luggage, whether it be for college or a family vacation, ahead of you so that it’s waiting when you arrive.  Simply schedule a pick up from a convenient location (like your home) and they will pick it up and make sure it gets where you need it to go.  It’s insured and guaranteed to be there when schedule it.  This is a life-saver for so many occasions.  Can you imagine a ski trip to the mountains?  Now you can have them pick up your skis so you won’t be bothered with the bulk and inconvenience of taking them with you. Brilliant!


TI.pngTexas Instruments has been a must-have product for years in our house.  They are the best product for what our kids need for math.  I know that the quality of their graphing calculators are exceptional and we love them.  It’s actually an investment to pick one of these babies up, so you want to make sure that you have a good quality one, one that will last all four years, as they will be using them for everything, including SATs.  We love the new calculator from Texas Instruments, the TI-84 Plus CE. This is a high-tech, high-style calculator.  Why high-style?  They come in lots of bright colors, one to fit every personality.  Easy to set your calculator apart from the rest and make it your own.  It comes in lots of different colors.  No longer just black, it’s fun to add some personality to the must-have classroom essential.  Not only does it come in really cool colors on the outside, but the screen is now full color, too! One of my very favorite features? It also is rechargeable.  Yup, that’s right!  Such a great feature, we love it!



My Passport Ultra, a portable external hard drive is a must-have for students (and parents). Being able to back up your files, music, videos, and photos instantly and automatically is wonderful.  This keeps a back up of everything you need safely in case of a failure or just for safe-keeping.  A great idea for everyone! These come in a wide variety of colors and has a ton of storage space.



A brand new school year typically has a plethora of brand new accessories to accompany it.  New shoes, new clothes, new backpacks.  Don’t you wish you could keep them looking new like on the first day of school all throughout the year?  Yeah, it would certainly make spending lots of money on the products much more palatable if you knew they would last and look good longer, right?  This is where DetraPel comes in.  This nano technology spray is used to give a protective barrier to your gear.  Spray your new shoes with them and it will actually repel liquid and stains, keeping everything looking just as it did the day you bought it!  And, it lasts for a year! We tested it out on a pair of white canvas shoes. We poured honey on them and it actually beaded up and ran off the surface.  No sticking or residue whatsoever! We then tried ketchup and mustard, same results and no discoloration. It was incredible! I can’t think of why anyone wouldn’t want to have a supply of this in their home.  Use it on purses, carpets, upholstery, leather, you car interior….the list goes on and on!


X075_proppedSending a child away to college brings with it a list of concerns and worries.  But, I don’t have to worry about his valuables because Sentry Safe has him covered.  Their line of safes can meet the needs of everyone.  I love this XO75 Security Safe.  Heavy duty steel and roomy, it can store his laptop, expensive items, and important papers while he is away.  You can even keep your electronics plugged in while they are being stored, which is such a nice feature.  The bottom is lined to add protection for your items while being stored.  A digital lock makes it easy to use. I feel much better knowing that all his valuables are safe and secure.


fifty fifty.jpgDo you ever find a product you love so much that you want to get one in every color they have?  Well, that’s how I feel about FIFTY/FIFTY bottles.  These water bottles are really amazing.  I am loving the 25oz water bottle that comes in the coolest colors ever–mint, coral, royal purple, olive–that’s just some of the sixteen different shades available! These are the perfect container for every member of the family.  Moms on the go, thirsty kids at school and sports, dads commuting.  They are sleek and durable, and while those are great features, the one we have to shout about is that you can put cold water in and it actually keeps it cold for a very long time–we are talking 24 hours later or more.  Or you can choose to put hot drinks in and it keeps them insulated and warm for an extended time, too.  If those features weren’t good enough, they are even more–no condensation on the outside of the bottle, made of recyclable stainless steel, and they come in a variety of styles and shapes.  Coffee bottles, kids cups,wine and beer growlers, and even customization are available from our new favorite water bottle source!


*products or services were received to facilitate a feature.  All opinions are my own.



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