Let’s All Go To The Movies

Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s always fun to see a new film and escape from stresses in our world for a couple of hours.  But, unfortunately, going to movie theaters is not always relaxing.  Sometimes you have people who just won’t get off their phones, sit too close to you, or kick your seat.  It can leave the experience less than satisfying.  Sometimes, you just wish you could have a better experience overall.

Clearly, the people who created Movie Tavern had a much more luxe experience in mind for their patrons.  We were invited* this past weekend to visit the newest Movie Tavern location in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania.  This franchise just opened last week and it is absolutely beautiful!



Once inside the large theatre, there are consoles to purchase tickets–or you can purchase your tickets and reserve your seats online ahead of time.  There is also a bar area, a Living Room area with a fireplace and cozy chairs to relax and unwind before or after your showtime. There is a Dining Room area where you can grab a bite to eat, if desired. Both are modeled after comfortable, home-like settings, to make patrons relaxed and at-ease.  Movie Tavern is all about the experience of unwinding and enjoying your time spent with them.


I love the wall of movies that were made or set in Pennsylvania.  So cool to see their display adorning the walls.


You can make your way into your designated theatre–we happened to see Mission Impossible: Fallout on the night of our visit.  We found our theatre and were immediately thrilled to see where we would get to take in the movie.  Well, I’ll just say,  I am ruined forever for a “normal” movie theatre experience.  How could I possibly go back to sticky floors, small seats and narrow rows? Check out this auditorium!


Our server greeted us right away after we found our seats, took drink orders and gave us our menus.  We settled in to the most wonderful movie theatre seats I have ever sat in.  The seats were so supportive, especially in the back, and they reclined with automatic controls.  Seriously, it does not get better than this! The seats were roomy and the rows were spacious between, allowing plenty of room to sit back with your legs extended and to have the friendly and attentive servers bring whatever you needed.


When we looked over the menu, we were impressed with the wide array of dishes.  Appetizers, entrees, movie snacks, and desserts were all available.  We started our meal with the Red Pepper Hummus, which was delicious!


Mac and cheese topped with short ribs, Vietnamese rice bowls, burgers, wings, and chicken tenders were all great choices for our family.  The food was filling and delicious. It’s so fun to be able to watch a great movie and enjoy a yummy meal at the same time.


The screen and sound in the theatre were spectacular, which of course, is very important when going to see a movie.  This is the ultimate upgraded movie experience and we were loving it!


The movie we watched was definitely one I would recommend to you–who doesn’t love a great action-packed espionage movie?  But, I would love to come and see every movie in this theatre!  We can not wait to come back to see Fantastic Beasts (and any other movie that comes out between now and November) at the Movie Tavern.  You have got to come and check it out for yourselves!

In addition to seeing a movie and treating yourself to dinner at the same time, you can also host parties in their party room for your children, which would be a blast.


Our entire experience was fantastic and we highly recommend it to you.  Every aspect of the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire family.  I can not stress enough the amenities and courteous service to be found at the Trexlertown Movie Tavern.  Be sure to check out the site, pick a movie, and come experience all they have to offer for yourselves, you will never ever want to go back to the movie experience you have known before!

*we were invited to visit to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.



  1. Wow what a wonderful cinema or theatre or moviehouse. All three I guess. Looks fabulous and I want to go there now! It must make the whole movie experience so much better, like a real night-out. Oh and Fallout is a great film isn’t it?

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