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Once upon a time, I thought I knew who I was.  Or at least I should say, I thought I knew where it was my ancestors came from.  Growing up, we thought we had a fairly decent handle on our family genealogy.  I had always been told that I was mostly Irish, with a slightly less amount of English, some Danish and Scottish blood thrown in for good measure.  Come St. Patrick’s Day, I would always make a big deal about my Irish heritage and proudly tell everyone that, indeed, I was definitely Irish.  When I went to visit England, I felt an affinity to the UK.  I felt like I was in my homeland.  Knowing that I had some English heritage, I figured it wasn’t too shocking that I fit in so well that everywhere I went, people were asking me questions, as if I was from there.  I definitely fit the look of an English woman.

With this in mind, when I came across* MyHeritageDNA, I thought it would be interesting to take the test and see what it was all about.  There are quite a few DNA and ancestry kits available on the market right now, so it seemed like it could be fun to try out. What makes MyHeritageDNA a better choice than all the other options out there?

  • MyHeritage is the most global DNA service, with a huge database from all over the world and 42 unique ethnicity regions.
  • It is easy to take a MyHeritage DNA test – no blood/spit, just a simple cheek swab
  • MyHeritage uses leading technology and offers the most affordable price of all of the leading DNA companies
  • MyHeritage provides a completely private and secure service



We ordered our kits and they arrived quickly.  Everything we needed to take the test was included.  We followed the very simple instructions, swabbed our cheeks (very non-invasive) and put them in the provided pouches and mailed them off.  The hardest part about the entire thing was anxiously awaiting the results. Those came to my email one evening and I was so excited to see them. Even though I was excited to see what they said,  I assumed that the results would be pretty much on track to what I had been told all my life.  Really, what could a DNA test tell me that I didn’t already know?


Well, for starters–how about the fact that I’m barely Irish at all!  Or Danish or Scottish! What?!  Seriously, all of that threw me for a loop.  The test did find, however, that I am mostly English.  I guess that explains why I fit in so well.  But, then I discovered that the remainder of my DNA shows that I am Dutch, German, and French.  Never in my life have I heard that before!   How on earth could they possibly know that?  Well, the answer lies in my DNA, apparently.

I didn’t have any records of that in my family history to the point we had researched.  Now it had my interest piqued. Turns out, I have a mystery to get to the bottom to, to find out who in my family history comes from these places. This could make for some very interesting discoveries and I am excited to do it now.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 1.56.12 PM

The test results were so thorough.  I found out so much about my ancestry through the charts, graphs,  and information provided.  It was absolutely fascinating!  But here is the coolest part about MyHeritageDNA, in my opinion.  It gives you the opportunity to connect with actual relatives that have been matched to your DNA through their database. I can see if I am closely related or distant matches to so many people. If I so choose, I can actually reach out to these people, as well.  I’ll give you an example of how this worked out.  We tested my husband’s DNA, as well as my own.  His results came back to be similar to what we anticipated with a heavy Scandinavian result.  As his grandparents are directly from Sweden and Norway, this made total sense.  However, his connections in the database were off the chart.  He had so many cousins in Norway registered in the system.  One of his DNA matches reached out to us and we were able to figure out that this person was the grandson of his grandfather’s brother, that we were not aware of.  So a new family connection and relationship was started all from the act of taking a DNA test!  I am really excited about this find and with the holidays here, I know what I want to give some hard to gift people now, both men and women.  This would make a great gift, one that is very meaningful and interesting.  A very rich gift at an affordable price.   DNA tests can be a great gift to bring families closer and spark great conversation as you learn about your family history together.

I highly recommend taking the opportunity to research your ancestry by taking a test from MyHeritageDNA.  The entire process, start to finish, was so easy and rewarding.  You can learn more about them, and order your own kits, by visiting their website. You can use the code “THEMOMMYAVENGER” for free shipping. Right now, they are offering their lowest prices ever for the holidays! You can also follow MyHeritageDNA on their social channels: Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.


*I was invited to try out the service to facilitate a feature.  All opinions are my own.


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