Why Visit Scranton? Just Go to NYC!

One of my very favorite TV shows of all time is definitely The Office. What’s not to love? Relatable characters going through the mundane tasks we all go through, living life day by day, working for a living, navigating heartache, challenges, goals…and having Michael Scott as a boss.  The worst thing, to me, about The Office is that it had to come to an end.  Although, I guess from the amount of times you can walk into a room in my house with The Office playing, you’d have a hard time knowing that it was over.  Yes, we are die-hard Office fans.  Many Office jokes are repeated throughout daily conversations and we’ve shared many laughs together as a family over the years thanks to the show.  It’s only natural then that when we heard a brand new musical parody of our favorite show was playing in the Big Apple, we had to jump at the chance to go see it.*


If you’ve never seen a musical parody before, start now!  They are the best–completely light hearted and fun.  The Office! A musical parody is a must-see for any fan of the show.  It’s charming and hilarious.  It captures the idiosyncrasies of each lovable character and the hysterical scenarios they find themselves in.  It definitely captures the cringy, over the top moments and makes it even more laughable, poking fun at things that fans will find funny.  While it is best for fans of the show, even if you aren’t a superfan, the witty songs and acting will make it a perfect outlet for your entertainment needs.


While we loved the whole cast, special shout outs for Michael, Andy and Kevin from our crew.  How they fit an entire series of hilarity into a relatively short amount of time is beyond me and the creative team and talents of the cast are to be applauded.  We had a spectacular time!

the office mp

The Office! A Musical Parody is playing at the Jerry Orbach Theatre in New York City for a limited, intimate engagement.  While it is one that we wish could last forever, much like the show it highlights, all good things must come to an end.  So make sure you don’t let it pass you by and get your own tickets to see this fantastic show for yourselves by visiting theofficemusicalparody.com.



*we were invited to see the show to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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