The Need for Speed: RPM Raceway

This past week, we were invited* to come experience the fun at RPM Raceway Indoor Karting in Jersey City.  We were celebrating a birthday and jumped at the chance to see what this indoor go-kart racetrack was all about.


It was very easy to get to and we knew when we arrived, we were in for a good time.  You can show up and purchase rides or you can buy in advance, which I would recommend, as this venue tends to draw big crowds, and because it’s so much fun, I totally understand why it is such a popular place to go. It appeals to both adults and kids, with race tracks for those two ranges.  We arrived and, fortunately for us, there wasn’t too large of a crowd, we were able to schedule our races back to back and begin fairly quickly.



You are assigned a race number and you wait for your race to be called.  While you are waiting, there are lots of things for you to do to keep occupied–watch the ongoing races, play video games, or grab some food.  When it’s your turn to get ready, you are taken into an area where you receive instructions, safety gear, and select your name so that you can keep track of your placement in the race.  We participated in an unlicensed race for teens and adults, so there was a wide range of participants.  Spectators can watch the screens to see the times and how well their favorite racers are doing.  Once the race begins, racers can circle the track 14 times.  The race typically runs about 8-10 minutes and you have an absolute blast being a part of it!


We had an amazing time go-karting at RPM Raceway and would highly recommend a visit for your own family.  This is a great family activity, as moms and dads will love it, too.  Also a super-fun option for a birthday party, spring break destination, or even subscribing to a membership for great discounts.

In between racing, we had so much fun in the arcade areas. Virtual reality, action packed video games and games that allowed you to win an ample amount of tickets that you could turn in at the redemption center for prizes lined the walls encircling the racetrack were everywhere.  You can get a game card to make it easier for everyone and it also collects the tickets you have earned, so you don’t have to carry around or keep track of tickets won.




The venue is very clean and well-kept, safety procedures are strictly enforced, so you know your family is in good hands, and the staff was professional, helpful, and friendly.  We will definitely be coming back for more fun in the near future!

To learn more about RPM Raceway, visit them online. Several locations can be found, in addition to the Jersey City location.



*we were invited to visit to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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