Happy Halloween! Safety Tips for Halloween Night

Spooky season  is here –and, it’s time to think about something truly scary: there are four additional pedestrian deaths on Halloween night than on any other evening.

halloween tree

Whether you’re trick or treating, trunk or treating, or behind the wheel carpooling the family from one party to the other, Michelin has some tips to help keep the evening fun and safe – and not fatal:

  • Limit Distractions: Michelin suggests to tilt your rear view mirror slightly, reducing the dazzling effect of the headlights behind you so you can focus on the road and trick or treaters ahead of you and not distractions behind your vehicle.
  • Don’t Get Tricked, Always Buckle Up – Whether you’re rolling slowly on the street while your kiddos rock the sidewalk or you’re moving a group of superheroes door to door, be a stickler for safety and buckle up every time you’re in motion.
  • Drive Scary Slow – Visibility is reduced at night so it’s important to slow down and be prepared to stop short for the ghosts, goblins and crossing the street.
  • Don’t Have Timid Tires – Low tire pressure can lead to tire damage. Make sure to check your tread depth before heading out as high tread is key in your car’s ability to grip the road in adverse conditions like wet roads, slippery leaves and even candy wrappers!
  • Motorists and Masks Don’t Mix – It’s fun to be in costume, but it’s a bad idea to drive while wearing anything that could potentially impede vision like masks or goggles. Place them in the trunk to avoid sliding while driving until you get to the party.
  • Be Ready for the Freakishly Unexpected – On all nights, but especially on Halloween, youngsters are running the streets freely. Don’t spooked by a carefree child who runs in front of your car looking for their next treat. Ensuring your car is equipped with awesome features like Michelin’s EverGrip Technology will mean immediate breaking and a safer night for all.
  • Use Your Technology – Ensure all of your car’s technology settings are turned on. These include forward collision alerts, side blind zone alerts, and rear vision cameras in the car, so you won’t be spooked or surprised by any kids running around the car.


Wishing everyone one a very Happy and Safe Halloween!


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