A Fresh New Start

Everyone loves the hustle and bustle of the holidays but, personally, I love a clean slate that comes along with a brand new year. Once all the lights, decor and ornaments are put away, it may seem like the perfect time to really take a look at your home and tackle a new project somewhere within your home. Many of you have expressed the same sort of itch and one of the first projects I want to tackle this year was revamping my kitchen in a way that looked fresh, clean but also budget friendly. Some of the ideas are super easy while others may take a bit more planning. Below are a few ways you can refresh your kitchen and hopefully inspire you to do the same!


  1. Painting – One of the biggest and budget friendly ideas many of us can do to help refresh your space is repaint! Changing up your wall color is a guaranteed way to give you a new feel, especially when it comes to your kitchen. One way to help open up your space is using a beige or neutral color. There are some great colors out there such as Sherwin Williams Worldly Grey. It’s a great mix of a warm and cool tone and looks incredible in various lights. While some neutrals are foolproof, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with a little color now and then too. To add some color pop to your kitchen, think of emerald green or navy blue accent pieces of either a kitchen aid mixer on your counter or a vase to add flowers.
  2. Adding New Hardware – Cabinet hardware is actually a very affordable and quick way to update your cabinets or any furniture in your home. Think of it like jewelry, you can add a classic piece or something fun that makes a great statement. Some great ideas to check out are Pinterest to see how fun you it can be but also check out your local IKEA or hardware stores to see what they offer as well. Think of fun pulls with great finishes such as stainless steel or even gold to mix with other metals in your home. This is your chance to help tie other items within the space together too. For instance, if you use a lot of white in your kitchen with your cabinets and your countertops, add a pop of color with gold hardware to make the room seem grand as well as a slight pop of color. It’s sure to give you a few compliments when friends and guests come over.
Image: C Mac Contracting

3. Making It Safer – This is going to depend on what type of kitchen you have but one way to refresh your kitchen is by making it safer for those that visit or family members. You might think your kitchen is fine the way it is but what about that old refrigerator that keeps leaking or sharp edges on your countertop that you or your child keep backing into! Ouch! If you’re unsure, I would call an expert to come in just to give you a second opinion. If you live in the New Jersey area, C Mac Contracting if your best bet to help give you an honest and throughout review of your kitchen, what needs changing and how they can assist you in the process. They specialize in kitchen remodeling in Point Pleasant, and come highly recommended from many customers around the area. They ensure functionality in your kitchen and their services will focus on ergonomics which helps you find the best fit between you and this continuous working environment that is used so often. You might consider height-adjusting your countertops for a better look or looking at a way to find more affordable and newer appliances which is safer and also helps with clutter and health concerns for your family.

4. Lighting – Although this may not be an easy update, it also makes a huge difference and draws attention to the room. There are many statement pieces to choose from including pendants or even customized finished to fit your space and your needs. While the budget for this could range from low with a light you already have in your home and your moving it to your kitchen, or purchasing several brand new lamps or pendanents, think of the investment before you swipe your credit card.  Always ask around to your friends or neighbors or check out a local garage sale to see if you can help save some money and still find something you love and are excited to share in the heart of the home.


While there are several more and easier ways to refresh your kitchen, these 4 are just the starting point to helping you see the space with new eyes. Think of how your kitchen functions and create a game plan to make it more functional, easier or more appealing not only to you but guests and other family members as well. My other big advice would be to always call in an expert to get their opinion on what you could do yourself and how they could help you.

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